Wednesday, December 28, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

This year was the big year, the year Eva would really get to understand the reason we celebrate Christmas, as well as get excited about Christmas morning and Santa. Yes, we do Santa, but we don't emphasize him. We go see him, we sing his songs and Santa brings a present, but we tried to always talk about the reason for giving and receiving gifts and the first gifts that were given on Christmas. She is really starting to understand Jesus being born on Christmas and the whole story really. She can tell it to us more or less.This year we asked Eva what she wanted forChristmas and her first reply was,"Lots of presents!" (we have a very satisfied 2 1/2 year old right?) I hope maybe some of this is being the first and only grandchild for many... I hope. Then, Eva got hooked on a Belle Baby doll from t.v. not to mention all of the other Disney Princesses. Man, do they have a gold mine audience in all 2-8 year old girls! So, we went searching for all things princess and baby doll. By Christmas Eve, we were concerned that her big present from Mommy and Daddy was going to be a bust because of the weather. (pics below) We finally got to pull it out today, only a
couple of days late, and she LOVES it!

Our Christmas holiday schedule was pretty good. We had a family Christmas dinner at my house on the 21st with my dad's side of the family. Don't be deceived, I did not cook. My mom brought everything. I am very lucky! Unfortunately, my grandmother couldn't be here this year and is not doing well at all. Prayers for her to have peace would be wonderful. My nieces brought Eva a huge Disney Princess
dress up case with jewelry and outfits. They are pulled out every single day multiple times, but right now we really only put on the Cinderella costume. Thank you Kayla, Karmen and Cole!

We left on the 23rd to go to my parent's house at the lake to do dinner with them and my brother all together and so they could have some time with her to open a few presents from them alone. She loved her Bitty Baby doll that Mom got her with all of the accessories, which is really what she likes the most about most things... not at all like I was as a child...aka the Trinket Queen. Her Uncle Cullen got her the funniest riding toy. it is a green inch worm that moves when you bounce on it.
Actually really cute. We had an awesome dinner that my Mom always cooks, again and then a late night with Eva. The next morning Mom cooked breakfast, mainly so Eva could have some bacon, her favorite. We ended up heading back to get home
in time for Church.

Our church does two traditional Christmas Eve Services, but they have a children's program too that is so sweet and special for the kids. The kids all get to go in and pick out a costume from an angel, manger animal, Shepard, king, Mary or Joseph and take part in a reading of the Christmas story. We sing songs as the story moves along and then all go outside to put the baby Jesus in the manger. Eva liked the songs and her costume, but once she got up front for her part in the story, sort of freaked out. I had to pick her up and watch the rest. Then, we went to a come
and go personal communion before heading home.

Eva went to bed after attempting to help make sugar cookies with Royal icing for Santa and the reindeer. Since I was in a big hurry as it was getting late, we didn't get the icing just right, but they turned out okay.
I only have pics of the half eaten ones that Santa got after Eva put them out by the fireplace. She went to bed quite well, but woke a couple of times in the night for me to come to her and her to tell me, "Santa coming to my house?" "Yes, baby girl. He is going to come but we have to go to sleep." It was obviously on her mind. The next morning, she was still asleep at 7:30 which we were surprised about. This is what happened in pictures.

Next, at about 10:30 we headed out to Grant's parent's house and his MeMaw's for lunch and cousin present swaps. We only gifts for grand babies now because there are FAR too many cousins. Eva ended up with WAY too many gifts, but all of them she loved. (Secretly, I have put up a few for later days when we need something "new" to get through the day. My mom used to this for me and my brother as well.)Here is Eva at her Mimi and PawPaw's house getting gifts from them and her three aunts and uncle.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Thanksgiving...

Since I only post once every one or two months, I will give a little update on what we and Eva are doing now a days.
My little two and half year old is such an entertainer. She is constantly telling us things she learns at school and asking us questions that shock us. I love this stage and how Eva is such a sponge just soaking up knowledge and taking in everything. This past month she has learned her months of year, minus September and November. She just skips them. Then she started spouting our her days of the week, sometimes we have Sunday. We are currently obsessed with anything Disney Princes, stickers or bandaids. The child wants two or three bandaids a day. I do not know why...
This post never made it to publish before Christmas, so I will just fill in some of Eva's sayings...
When she is mad or doesn't want you to do something, "You not do that!"
When she is surprised or being dramatic," Oh MY GOODNESS!"
When she is trying to schmooz you, "I love you SO much!" or just be sweet.
She is now singing all christmas carols from Away in a Manger to Jingle Bells, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and Santa Claus is coming to town.
She knows her Days of the week, her months of the year (minus September and November)
She also can count to 20 something before losing the repetition of the numbers and then says 100!
I am sure there are more.
This year we are thankful for so much, but I know we cannot take it for granted as this year held much sickness for members of my family. We pray the coming year will contain more healing.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

: Hello Blog World. Here's a brief update...

First Day of School in August.

Before my Aunt Amy's wedding party with my Aunt Hannah. Am I happy?

Watching the Tide Roll with my cousin Way Way.

I kind of stole the show as the flower girl at Amy's wedding on October 8th. Danced a little jig at the top of the isle before I walked down.

Going to dinner with Mommy. Had to have a fruity drink like her!

Where's the punkins? My three Aunts, daddy and mommy took me to the pumpkin patch before Halloween.

Mommy! It's Snow White! I'm Snow White! At Boo at the zoo. Fun stuff.


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