Monday, June 30, 2008


Okay, so this is my first attempt at blogging, and I do not doubt for one minute that anyone will ever find it useful, insightful, or even eventful to view the happenings of my life, my home or my work.  But, here goes... About a week ago we started construction on our house.  It is a great idea before you start tearing out tile, covering you life in plastic and living in a haze of dust that begins to cloud your sinuses and your vision, but soon enough, we were too far to turn back. So, those of you know me, realize that this is as close to a nightmare as I can get. I do not like things messy, dirty, out of place or even yes, somtimes control!  However, with several different people including my father jumping in to help us, we have already seen a huge change in the structure and appearance of our house.  Many lessons already learned, one being if you are hesitant to hire someone, or have heard that they are difficult, DON'T HIRE THEM!  And then if you have a good feeling about someone, you will get what you need from them in the end, which makes the process much more pleasant.  
Grant and I have made many important decisions together in our year and half of marriage, singularly our promise of marriage to one another, but in this short but draining remodeling project, we have had some difficult ones as well; like which tile to use, which tile man to use, what kind of floors we want and how much to spend on certain things.  Sometimes him doing the physical work and me being the go-between of him, my dad, the people we hire to do work and all the other normal life things like work, food and the dog. Oh yes, Lucy. She has been quite disturbed by our progress.  Not a barker, Lucy decides to start growling at our tile man one day. Something she has never done.  She will occasionally bark if she is at the back door or if the FedEx man drops off a package and rings the door bell, but never unrelenting, howling barking.  She would pace at night thinking some of these intruders still lurked around that she may have to attack.  Yeah, right!  I think she will be the most relieved when all of this is over.  So far, we have ripped out a pantry and a wall, put up a new wall and moved a doorway, installed a new shower, retiled both bathrooms and had a privacy fence put up.  We are only half way, maybe. We still have to have carpet and tile ripped up in the back of the house, new hardwoods put in, a shower door installed, new counter tops cut and installed, a butler's pantry put in, paint the kitchen and bathrooms and finally, clean out all of my junk and make our big back storage closet a laundry room. That might be my favorite part when all is said and done because going outside to begin, switch and haul in laundry lost it luster about 4 years ago!  
So, I will keep posted, what our progress is, and then, when all is said and done I will post finished product pictures!


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