Saturday, December 25, 2010


My Holiday MJ dress (love this line of clothes!)

Wow, God is good! I am so grateful this Christmas for Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit. I cannot begin to imagine my life without the many blessings He has given us. Today I obviously wanted to reflect on baby Jesus and what a gift He is. I feel like even though December 25th is very comercialized in our country and easily distorted and not focused on the real reason for the season, we were still able to do that because we are fully aware of all the blessings and beautiful gifts we have. One is certainly my family. We had such a wonderful morning. Santa did come and Eva thoroughly enjoyed it. She knew immediately the gifts were hers and did not hesitate to play with her "new" kitchen. I say "new" because believe it or not, this beautiful kitchen you see is an antique. It was my solid wood, white kitchen from when I was a little girl. My mom never throws anything away, and Grant was able to restore it and paint it to the beautiful pink shade of the Pottery Barn kitchen that I love. He worked tirelessly for every night the week before this night to restore this kitchen including the real sink faucet and glass knobs and pulls for the vintage look. He is amazing with his tools, and he has lots. If he doesn't have it, he buys it! Ha.

(he routed out the hole for oven and installed the plexiglass! among all the other things)

Eva is hysterical opening presents, she has to rip off every single piece of paper. She starts in very small pieces and then find a big one. But each present takes a long time. She loves it!
We also had other fun events this season. Including a family dinner night with Grant's dad's side of the family and one with my dad's side of the family. They were both so enjoyable, however, at the Coppock family Christmas there were five little girls! FIVE! All Eva's age to age 5. It was hysterical. Here are some funny recaps of the evening, including all of Eva's "cheese" faces.

please notice Eva's arm around her cousin Molly. Molly is hysterical here and I think it because Eva took a toy of her hours before and hurt her feelings. Obviously, Eva has forgotten!

This is NOT Eva's grandfather, but her uncle Ken. She LOVES him and he loves it. Too funny, she was always finding him and crawling in his lap.

The best pic I could get of all five girls in matching sweatshirts compliments of yours truly!

Christmas Eve after our children's church service. Eva did not want to take part or walk up to the nativity. Maybe next year.

Lastly, I was so happy today because we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It snowed/slushed all day in Pleasant Grove and all was white except the roads. I do not have pic right now, but it was amazing and my first ever! How cool!

Merry Christmas to blog!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caus Caus!

That is what Eva calls Santa Claus. She is all about Santa on the front door, in the songs, on Barney, in our books, but NOT in his lap! I really thought we'd have great time talking, singing, and sitting with Santa. However, this is what I got. You would never guess that 30 seconds later she was calling his name!?

I am now off work for two weeks! Whoo, hoo! I am loving this Christmas season and am looking forward to everything, church services, family dinners, traveling, sleeping (even if it is just 7 am!), and playing with my baby!

Short and sweet, maybe more later.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and I have an 18 month old!

This year I have been so thankful for many things. First, my family, Grant, Eva and yes Lucy, even though my life would be so much easier (and cleaner) without her! My parents and my brother and my two grandmothers all made it to our Thanksgiving lunch. My mother still cooks EVERYTHING! I know I have to start helping, but what do I say when the dressing or sweet potatoes or everything else, just isn't any good and I ruin Thanksgiving??? So, I just brought bread, lemondae and a granddaughter. Eva loved turkey and sweet potatoes. She had to eat a little early before all of us becuase it was going to be her nap time. We had a relaxing time with my family and then left to go visit Grant's family in Pleasant Grove. Eva played with her cousins, Lily, Waylon and Addison. She LOVES her baby cousin Waylon and hugged and kissed him for a long time. This year was one of the best Thanksgivings we have celebrated, and we are very grateful.
dinner with Ellie. How cute are they?

18 month pics. Oh how serious!
Pictures by Catherine Mayo (aren't they great!)

I am also grateful for work (mine and Grant's), health (which I take for granted), my home (even though we would like to move, we are fortunate to have it), fall weather, relatives who keep my child all the time, friends (some whom I talk to all the time, some rarely but still love them), Barney (I swore I'd never let my child watch it!), Mickey Mouse, Dora yogurt (Eva devours it), bath time, giggles, and surprise hugs and kisses (which come very often now). Lastly, I am thankful for the gift of Christmas, and I hope that I am able to teach my daughter what gifts are most important and why we celebrate with a tree and a holiday this time of year. I want her heart to know the love of Jesus and to have the compassion for others that He does. I am realizing how hard that is when all around us it is all about the toys, Santa, the tree and the stuff. It will only get harder.

Eva's recent milestones: (getting harder to pin point now but)

1. Speaking many phrases

2. recognizing and remembering things she only sees/ hears once (rainbow, santa, marshmellow)

3. initiating hugs

4. says "please" and "thank you" always

5. says uh huh when I ask if she understands (no she doesn't all the time, but it is cute)

6. eats with a fork and spoon

7. still can't decide on left or right hand

8. knows after she goes to the bathroom but is still not concerned and always waits for the fresh diaper before going number 2! (maybe potty training soon)

9. loves to color and only uses one crayon at a time

10.knows all motions to Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mr Knicker Bocker, and more...

11. loves to look at pictures of herself, calls herself "Evie"

12. is obsessed with shoes, still

13. cries uncontrollably when she has to leave Papa or other grandparents

14. adores her dog

15. started liking Mickey Mouse (Disney World here we come)

16. squeals with delight at playing hide-n-seek and ring aroudn the rosie

17. loves all vegetables but broccoli

18. very independent and knows what she wants (aka: pitching fits):)

So, for these eighteen things I am very grateful, because it means I have a growing, healthy, happy daughter. Eva, I love you!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week we got to take Eva to Boo at the Zoo and the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch. She had a GREAT time. We went to Boo with our cousins Molly and Shelby. We borrowed Molly's flower costume last year, but I think next year we may try to coordinate. Molly is exactly one year older than Eva and Shelby is two years older than Molly. They were coordinating in their pink and black.
This is after the carousel. She did not like it! We did not even move, but she was terrified!
Eva found another little ladybug to dance with while waiting for the hayride!
Petting the goats. She wasn't scared of all the animals.
Hold Shelby's hand. Too cute!
On Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch in Clanton. It was soooo much fun. We got to see more animals, ride a wagon, take cute pictures, go inside teepees and smells sunflowers! Eva had a ball! And... picked out her pumpkins!
who can resist the cheesy, sniff the flower pic?
just being precious.

picking out my pumpkins!

my little indian!

All my pumpkins! Which one?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because I never post and I just loaded all my pictures!

What have we been up to? Everything. Eva is into everything, saying everything, laughing about everything, grabbing everything, eating everything and kissing everything.
Since we got past our first month of being back in school, Eva has been so much fun. That first month, she had a hard time adjusting and was fussing a lot. Now, we are settled in and she is sooooo sweet and funny and cute. I will wait until next month, since I missed the 17 month mark, to post her favorite things. It is going too fast; I do know that. Almost 18 months is just impossible.
This past month, we have gotten to go back to the beach, to an Alabama football game, our church fall festival, and OUTSIDE. (I will say that favorite) I know it hasn't rained in Alabama in forever, but I do not know what this little girl would think. Would she still run outside in the rain? She is obsessed. She also loves to swing. We cannot go on a walk anymore with her seeing the many child swings hanging in our neighborhood. She sees it and whines,"swinnnn." She doesn't quite get the g in there yet.
On the talking note, I am amazed daily at what she knows. Everyday she sees something I don't even know she recognizes and she calls it by name. She anticipates places and people all the time. Is this good you ask? Well, it is getting more difficult for Mommy to leave the room for anything, but I secretly love it. Is that bad?
I have tons of pictures to share. Some are of things we have done, others are of some photo shoots. Enjoy, as I rarely post, so I save up tons of pics and load them all at once!

eating with a fork!
fall photo shoot

Hey Y'all, from the beach

My obsession, really it is all hers. She sees a bow and wants it in her hair. I have to hide them from her or she will look like this all the time? What have I done?

See? A different day entirely!

my favorite spot, with my bestest friend!

she loves it, really!

most recent photo shoot! Church today. This is what I get.

Monday, September 6, 2010

16 months and lots, lots more!

Eva turned 16 months on Sunday. Since we were not at home, this post had to wait. In the past month we have started school, adjusted our schedules, had an injury, gotten some shots, hit the terrible twos, cheered on the Tide and taken some very long naps.

So, in early August we started school. Yes, Eva went to school last year, but this year she knew it. she had to get used to taking one nap a day at 1PM! She does okay now, sleeping for almost 2 hours each time, but on weekends she will take 3 hour naps. It did not take long to get back into the groove so that she loved going in every day. This is her first day.

Also, we had to go to the doc and get our shots up to date and a little height and weight check. We are gaining in the weight department, slowly but surely, 22.4 lbs (30 %) and just shy of 32in (85%). She is still so tall! We also have big feet. Her sandals from May are now barely fitting in the length. And just so you know I have about four pair of fall/winter shoes lined up and I am praying her feet will fit the size 6 shoes through next February!

We had our cousin Shelby's birthday at the zoo this past month as well. Eva loved every minute of it. We have joined the zoo, but it was sooooo hot this summer we only went a few times. I can't wait to take her more this year as it cools off. Here she is in the water park. You never would guess she had never done this before. She has no fear, and I don't think that is always a good thing at all, but this day, she was right there with the big kids. And the second picture is with her cousin Molly. Leave it to Eva to walk right up to kids and grab their hands and hug them. At least we knew Molly.

This past week at school, Eva came home with her first "bump." Well, reallyl it was a huge bump. I was so scared when I saw it, remember she is my first, so I was kind of weak looking at it. By today it is turning that pale gross green color, so I think it is getting better. The funny thing is, she hits her head all the time, but never gets bruises. This one is of her in her Bama dress, and below that her game day attire, doing the "ROOOLLLL TIDE, Roll" we taught her. She looks like a football player and not a cheerleader with that bruise. :(

She has definitely hit her terrible twos, I guess a bit early as she is only 16 months. But, with her vocabulary and ability, I can see how she gets frustrated easily. Mainly it is at diaper time, wanting to climb and carry everything. I mean everything, high chairs, boxes, cases of water. She wants to stand on things that are meant to be ridden and pitches fits when she can't. But I guess the diaper time is the worst, which I have heard is normal, but wow! Grant says we are starting "New Baby by Friday" tomorrow. I am having a really hard time not catering to her since I only see her for a few hours a day now and on weekends, but it makes the in between time hard, and although they haven't said anything, I am sure her teachers are frustrated with her too. I'll let you know how it goes.
notice anything off about the bath? She had to have these on for three days in her bath... Terrible twos?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my baby girl and I cannot imagine my life without her. I am amazed each and everyday at what she is able to do and say and learn. I miss her to pieces every day I am at work and rush as quickly as I can to pick her up every afternoon. I leave you with this final picture of Eva's new friend. I truly didn't think my child would be a Barney fan, but she LOVES him. And, I love the hugs and kisses she just has to give whenever she hears "I love you, You love me..." While there is so much more going on and more that Grant and I have done, she is the most important.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

15 Months! Really?!?

My little girl is 15 months old. I can't believe it. At the same time I cannot believe in two days, I will turn 30! Yes, 3-0... I am okay with it, really I am. But, I will say I feel that while I have debated with "Is it still okay to wear a bikini?" and even strapless tops or fitted jeans in the past, I feel that this is it. This is the age that it is not okay... Anyway... back to my daughter.

She is the most amazing little thing. I am shocked daily at what she is doing and how she really understands everything I tell her to do or say to her. She repeats what we say, some things very plainly, and others just the same amount of syllables or sounds come out. She knows all of her animal sounds (dog, cat, sheep, cow, duck, pig, rooster, monkey, elephant, bird and some more that I can't think of). She is learning colors and songs. She LOVES "Itsy bitsy, spider" and "Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes." Her favorite hand motion is rain. It is so cute. Oh and I cannot forget "Ring around the Rosey." She really just likes to make herself dizzy. Eva loves her veggies and pasta. She is a plain-jane girl. She doesn't like sauces or dips, I love them. She also has quite the sense of humor. She will be watching a little cartoon or sometimes iCarly on tv and giggle at the jokes that are played on people or characters. She also likes to sneak up on people, say "SHHH" and "scare" them. She gets so tickled and just does it over and over and over again... Just this morning she was readin the paper.... well, not really but she loved saying sounds and pointing and acting like her daddy. I didn't get a picture but it was classic. She does still love her books and she is constantly trying to read and do her little actions for the different pages. Miss Independent is her name. Definitely my child by the way. If you try to do something she would prefer to do herself, you will know. She is the perfect Momma to her babies, rocking, patting, feeding and singing to them. If I leave a baby and some stuffed animals in her bed, she will heap them all up and snuggle with them, then when she wakes up, she talks and sings to them for hours.
All said, I have loved these past two months at home with her and we are both in for it when she has to go to school next week, and so do I! I almost cry just thinking about it. I feel at times that Eva is still a baby, and then the next minute I am amazed at how grown up she is. Ah, I guess this is the rest of my life!
I love you baby girl... Some more of her favorite things are below.

Drivin with Poppa on the boat

My serious face
Stinky Lucy balls do not scare me!

My camera smile! Aint I cute!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

We went to the lake for the fourth of July. Since my parents live there and my mom needed a ride down there (My Granny is very sick and she has been up there with her a lot), I decided to come last Tuesday with Eva. Grant came on Friday and left today. I am leaving tomorrow. We would even stay but my parents are going out of town too. We had a pretty cloudy, rainy first two days, but Thursday through today have been Beautiful! Eva has had a great time and a few scary moments. She loves the water, and our neighbors have a "hot tub" that they do not heat, but we all call it the warm pool. She has gotten to swim in there with their three kids. All the kids call her "Baby Eva." I wonder if she will ever not be "Baby Eva." Of course to me she always will be.

Since Eva is 14 months today, I have to share a bit about her now. She has the most hyterical personality lately. She copies everything we say and tries to sing and be a mommy. We have been learning "Head, shoulders, knees and toes." And she loves to try the face part, singing and pointing. She knows nose and that is about it so far. Almost getting to know mouth. Eva is also very good at animal noises. We have mastered duck, dog (Lucy), pig and almost bird. You can ask her what does a ______ say? and she will say the sound. They all have her own spin on them and are so funny. Lastly, and most recently, she has learned how to smile and say "Cheese" for the camera. Even though we have to take one picture first for her to see the flash, she will then stop and tilt her head and squint her eyes, showing her teeth. I die laughing every time. Here are a few pics from our Fourth of July celebration.
PS- please excuse the pictures in no particular order and the text below... blogger is different on my parent's computer! ew...


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