Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Day On The Beach

Eva is 13 months old now. She is such a personality. Lately, she has been getting tickled all by herself and giggling and throwing her arms up. She says, "Lucy" sort of, "ball", bye bye, "Da Dat" what's that, and "Ta Da!" Her new trick is to throw both arms up above her head and say "Ta Da!" Then we all clap and so does she. We are beginnng to eat lots more foods lately too. Her absolute favorites are strawberries and bananas, and diced veggies (peas, green beans, carrots and corn). This is her new chewing face.

Beach Trip 2010

So, this is our first beach trip in a year. Eva's first beach trip to actually get to go in the pool and on the beach. And the first beach trip I have ever been nervous about finding oil in the sand or the water. Luckily, the latter has not been a problem for us. I know it will be at some point in the near future and we can see the boats and pipes set up down the beach by the Perdido pass, but it has not come on shore near Grant's families condo... yet. We have been so fortunate.

On Monday Eva got to go to the pool for a bit, but not for too long before she was so tired. But, today we took her out to the beach and to the pool. She was unsure about the sand at first, but ended up warming up to it.

We still have most of the week left, so hopefully more pics will follow!


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