Monday, September 6, 2010

16 months and lots, lots more!

Eva turned 16 months on Sunday. Since we were not at home, this post had to wait. In the past month we have started school, adjusted our schedules, had an injury, gotten some shots, hit the terrible twos, cheered on the Tide and taken some very long naps.

So, in early August we started school. Yes, Eva went to school last year, but this year she knew it. she had to get used to taking one nap a day at 1PM! She does okay now, sleeping for almost 2 hours each time, but on weekends she will take 3 hour naps. It did not take long to get back into the groove so that she loved going in every day. This is her first day.

Also, we had to go to the doc and get our shots up to date and a little height and weight check. We are gaining in the weight department, slowly but surely, 22.4 lbs (30 %) and just shy of 32in (85%). She is still so tall! We also have big feet. Her sandals from May are now barely fitting in the length. And just so you know I have about four pair of fall/winter shoes lined up and I am praying her feet will fit the size 6 shoes through next February!

We had our cousin Shelby's birthday at the zoo this past month as well. Eva loved every minute of it. We have joined the zoo, but it was sooooo hot this summer we only went a few times. I can't wait to take her more this year as it cools off. Here she is in the water park. You never would guess she had never done this before. She has no fear, and I don't think that is always a good thing at all, but this day, she was right there with the big kids. And the second picture is with her cousin Molly. Leave it to Eva to walk right up to kids and grab their hands and hug them. At least we knew Molly.

This past week at school, Eva came home with her first "bump." Well, reallyl it was a huge bump. I was so scared when I saw it, remember she is my first, so I was kind of weak looking at it. By today it is turning that pale gross green color, so I think it is getting better. The funny thing is, she hits her head all the time, but never gets bruises. This one is of her in her Bama dress, and below that her game day attire, doing the "ROOOLLLL TIDE, Roll" we taught her. She looks like a football player and not a cheerleader with that bruise. :(

She has definitely hit her terrible twos, I guess a bit early as she is only 16 months. But, with her vocabulary and ability, I can see how she gets frustrated easily. Mainly it is at diaper time, wanting to climb and carry everything. I mean everything, high chairs, boxes, cases of water. She wants to stand on things that are meant to be ridden and pitches fits when she can't. But I guess the diaper time is the worst, which I have heard is normal, but wow! Grant says we are starting "New Baby by Friday" tomorrow. I am having a really hard time not catering to her since I only see her for a few hours a day now and on weekends, but it makes the in between time hard, and although they haven't said anything, I am sure her teachers are frustrated with her too. I'll let you know how it goes.
notice anything off about the bath? She had to have these on for three days in her bath... Terrible twos?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my baby girl and I cannot imagine my life without her. I am amazed each and everyday at what she is able to do and say and learn. I miss her to pieces every day I am at work and rush as quickly as I can to pick her up every afternoon. I leave you with this final picture of Eva's new friend. I truly didn't think my child would be a Barney fan, but she LOVES him. And, I love the hugs and kisses she just has to give whenever she hears "I love you, You love me..." While there is so much more going on and more that Grant and I have done, she is the most important.


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