Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eva's Baby Shower


This past weekend six of my very sweet and loving friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for Eva.  It was a totally overwhelming experience to have so many people come to celebrate your child.  I feel very blessed and loved.  I had had an emotional day the day before, for no real reason, so luckily I did not cry the whole time. We thoroughly enjoyed it! The food, decorations and fellowship were all amazing!  Eva has more clothes that I think she could ever wear in her first 6 months of life before she out grows most of them, depending on how big she ends up being! The beautiful white dotted swiss bassinet is a gift from my mom. She made the cover for my old wicker bassinet herself. I love it! Her namesake, great-grandmother Eva, was there and it was very special as well! I will try to post some of the pictures of the shower and people here, but I cannot figure out how to do the pictures in a space saving way.  
We also have some of the nursery completed!  Paint, baby bedding and furniture, but not the twin bed or the pictures and items on the walls. It is, however coming together as I envisioned.  This is truly amazing, because I always have difficulty getting things just as I imagine them. But once I get some pictures of it, they will be here too! And I am trying to do better with the belly pictures. I'll try to do that soon as well!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4D Ultrasound and the Davis Cup

Eva is rubbing her eye.          Eva is getting tired and frustrated, rubbing her eyes.  Then very angry with us for poking and prodding her!  (look at those tiny fingers and thumb making a perfect fist!)

We were very unsure at first if we were going to do this ultrasound, but since there has been no other reasons to for us to have a regular 2D u/s and we would not get the opportunity to check on her or see her again, we went for it.  I knew it was risky; we may not get a face shot; they do not always cooperate, and while the video imaging technology for the u/s was not working, we are still very pleased.  I was very anxious for the past couple of weeks about her.  She moves a ton and pokes out of my belly in various spots all day long. I just needed to see her and see that she was okay. She was definitely a wiggle worm.  Her head was buried deep into my right hip bone and her rear end pokes out of my left side a lot!  The whole time we watched her, and yes we did double check to see she was still a girl, she was trying to suck. She just couldn't decide if she wanted her thumb or her fingers, so sometimes she resorted to sticking her whole perfect, tiny fist in her mouth!  It was very entertaining.  But, after her momentary sugar high, which she doesn't ever get, she was very tired and started yawning. We could even see her toung and eyeballs!   Grant and I were amazed at her growth. She is about 3.25 lbs now. So, if she gains a half a lb for the next 8 weeks she could be about 7.5 lbs.  
On another baby note, we did finally get her floors fixed in her room and have it painted the prettiest shade of pink. THe bedding should be ready early next week, so this OCD mom is finally getting there.

Last, Grant and I went to the Davis Cup this past weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  It was a very exciting event, even though I am no tennis expert, usually I just try to get the ball to stay in the court!  The first picture is of Andy Roddick serving in the match that clinched the US victory and the second is of the Bryan brothers after winning the tournament.  It was awesome to be able to support your country and chant USA with everyone else as well.  Birmingham really did a great job with this event. Hopefully, we can have more. 


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