Monday, January 3, 2011

20 Months

Eva will be 20 months old on Wednesday and this is my 20 month post. We are cruising into the new year with the terrible twos in full swing! Eva has been so much fun and so much tougher all at once. I suppose this is normal, but whew, exhausting. Tonight it was a battle getting her in the high chair. Yesterday, it was getting to sleep at all. So, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

In four short months my baby will be 2. I still keep thinking she acts too much like one now. Eva is the most loving, kissing, hugging, sweetest girl ever. Every night as I rock her, yes I still rock her and I love it as does she, she sits up says "Mammy" and kisses me, then lays down again. I just want to cry everytime. I know she will not always do this so I have to enjoy it while I can. I will leave you with a couple of her portraits I had done in December. These were done in a dress that my mom made me and a rocker that I had the same portrait done in. I still have to decide which I want a canvas of. Maybe you can help!


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