Monday, November 30, 2009

Too funny!

Eva was so tired after not napping on Sunday that she fell asleep
standing up in her exersaucer! Poor baby.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and New Food!

This year we had a great Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and very laid back. My parents ended up being here instead of us going down to the lake. My grandmother is sick, well both actually so, we just needed to be close. My mom cooked as always. I asked several times in advance what I could make, but she said she had it covered. Anytime we go to my parents't or Grant's family Eva loves it. She just loves a crowd and everything that goes on. She has done really well lately with her naps and took a good one while we ate our Thanksgiving lunch!

We are so greatful for our joyful little girl. She really is so happy and smiley, if that is a word, all the time. Even the doctor's comment on it. And, this month we have seen three!

Eva started off with a cackling cough, then some green snot. By the end of that week it turned into a mild ear infection in the right ear. (this was at our 6 month check up where we gained a whoping 2lbs in 2 months) We took an anitbiotic for 10 days and it seemed to clear up, then the week she was off from the nursery, she started coughing again, so I can't blame it on other sick kids... Now she has mild infection in the left ear and we are back on antibiotics. Poor baby just can't stay well. All this on top of the fact that our sleep has gone in reverse for the past month due to progressive teething that seemed to start two and half months ago. Mom and Dad are at their witts end with the night time thing. She was perfect from about 8 weeks until about 5 months, then we hit a wall. Any suggestions? I know for you babywise mom's out there, we are supposed to let them cry and that the 45 minute intruder is normal, but what about when she is sick? It breaks my heart...

The newest thing in Eva's life now is food. Well, cereal and oatmeal. Eva didn't really care for cereal at all, but absolutely loves oatmeal. I think she would eat it until I quit putting it in her mouth. It is so funny how she dives for the spoon. She knew exactly what to do with it by the way; I am guessing from watching all the other babies in her class eat real food for the past month before she got to!

Here are few pics from some recent photo sessions we had. I was quite pleased!

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Months!

in the hamper!

grinning on Halloween Eve!
November fifth was Eva's six month birthday. Yes, she has been here for six months. It feels like yesterday we were spending our days at the lake and beach all summer and she was just itty bitty Eva. While she is still little, all 13lbs 13ozs of her, she is just too big. She is always busy, entertaining herself. She talks and wants to be using her hands with everything. She can sit up like a big girl for a little bit before she falls over and can roll all over spinning in circles. I also feel in her mouth every morning thinking there will be a tooth. I had a dream a week or so ago that I woke up one morning and she had a mouth full. Just all of the sudden. I am still nursing her twice a day because I really wanted to make it to the six month mark, which I must say with working is something I am very proud of. My schedule at school this year made it next to impossible but I used my thirty minute lunch and right at 3 to pump every day for the first two months. Then, I dropped down to once a day and finally just nursing morning and night. I do not know how long that will last, but I am happy with her first six months. On that note...

So far we have been so healthy, even going to daycare until the past two days. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday on her six month birthday for a cold. It is so pitiful. She is hoarse and coughing her gunk up in her throat. She had a fever for half a day, but hasn't since. The doctor said other than our humidifier and tylenol for her fever not to do anything. Hopefully she will get over it in a few days without an ear infection. I am praying so becuase my always happy, grinning ear to ear baby is whining because she doesn't feel good. The funny thing is, even between tears she is trying to smile and laugh. Poor baby.

Eva's first six months have been the best of my life. I miss her every day while I am at school and can't wait to get home for my three hours with her until bed.

Cutest Pumpkin in the patch

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Little Flower and My Thanks!

So, this was our first halloween! It was such a fun relaxing day. Grant went hunting on Friday afternoon and got back Saturday afternoon. It is bow season right now so he always likes to try to shoot his bow. As of yet, I have not seen him bring a deer back. Anyway, Eva and I had a fun day at home and got to play together. I don't get to do that a lot since I only pick her up from daycare by 4 and she goes to bed by 7:30! I love these times. She is such a wonderful baby! She is constantly smiling and talking and just busy. She can entertain herself forever. She is still napping four times a day, but you can tell when she doesn't get a good one in because she will start to whine for about two minutes and then conk out! It is funny to watch.

This year for her costume we borrowed the most adorable flower suit from Grant's cousin Shannon. Her little girl Molly is almost exactly one year older, so it workedo out perfectly.
I swear she knows when to put on a show. At daycare they had picture day last week and we had our picture taken for our church pictorial directory on the same day. Both photographers said they had never had a baby they didn't have to try to make look at the camera or smile. Eva just grins really big and laughs. It is so funny. (maybe it if from having flashes in her face as the center of attention from the moment she left the womb!)

Back to my flower girl. Here she is! I know next year she probably won't like head pieces, but this year, she loved it! These are her and us, and then her with her Aunt Hannah (aka Micheal Jackson) The cow is our friend Brooks.

As for my thanks, I was encouraged by Michael's blog, so I have to say I am humbled almost everyday by all of the things I find to be bothered by, upset about or even wanting for. I always seem to realize after the fact that I have absolutely everything I could possibly want or need and that goes for my job and filthy house, beautiful baby, fabulously hard working, giving husband and hairy, shedding dog. Parents who would do anything for me and in-laws who do anything to help us and make us happy. And a God who thinks I am worth it all! What more could I want!?
Tootle loo!


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