Saturday, July 26, 2008

My BIG mistake!

I bought Lucy a new toy today because we realized she has had any toys for months.  Well, I tested the balls at the pet store and settled on this one that did not a high pitched squealing noise.  Apparently, that does not matter in the annoying department.  She loves this thing, but she now chases it everywhere and squeezes and squeezes for minutes on end making a duck like sound that could easily be confused for flagellation.  I know gross right!?  But, it is still kind of funny for the first five minutes or so of watching her tire her jaws on this red rubber ball!

Things are slowly coming together and hopefully our home will be normal again this week!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Lucy's first ride in the new car ( with a seat cover labs are shedding dogs!)

Continuing construction

So, right now I am hold up in my bedroom with no t.v. because our countertops are being put in, and I have no living room or den , and the t.v. is not working (who knows why).  So, I thought I would update progress. Our house is almost on the downhill side of remodeling.  I will say I will never do this again. If you have an option of fixing and then moving in, DO IT!  We now have floors down, and tile down, cabinets painted, and a laundry that is almost ready to go, minus a washer and dryer and actually underground plumbing.  It is really neat to see the progress and to appreciate what you have when you do work yourself.  I will add some pics of our progress after this post. 
I also kept my friends little girl and little boy this morning. We went walking and then I played with Julia (see picture) and then I kept JT while Mary and Julia went to the park.  It was fun, and I loved it when Julia said my name!! It was more like Tissin, but what the hey. It was my name :)
More later.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Phone blogging

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Our Lucy, sleeping as always.

She slept this way for at least 3 hours the other day... 

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July at Lake Martin

Okay, so we go to the lake every year on the fourth. But this one was the most different by far.  Now that my parents live there, we always have things going on, like chores and new "Stafford" activities. My parents have started going to Niffers a local restraunt for bingo night and trivia night. My mom won bingo once and took home $425 dollars, then we won trivia one night too, but you just get $40 off your bill on that night. So, on Friday morning we had to take part in the boat parade!  yes, pontoons, sailboats, wood boats, canoes all join in a Sandy Creek 4th of July parade. Every family who enters has to decorate their boat however they want. Well, we just went tacky! Flagged everything, even Lucy and rode in the parade.  One boat was called the Boat from Iwojima, and they had this really long flag pole, I think from their yard, and whenever they passed someone who out on the deck, they would pretend to be raising it like the memorial in DC of the men raising the flag!  There was a paradise boat playing Jimmy Buffet and then our neighbors just had a boat of girls with green crowns and white gloves calling themselves the sweet potato girls.  We didn't win anything for the parade but we were still in it.  
We shot fireworks that night and then the next day was sod day. Yes, my husband, brother, his friend Kyle, and my nephew Austin laid sod all day long.  I just laid out and watched, but it sure looked like tough work. 
Now I am home and back in my nightmare of a house. But hopefully in two weeks we will be better than before!


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