Monday, December 28, 2009

Eva's First Christmas!

Finally, I am posting about all of Christmas events. It all starts with Santa, and I think Eva liked him, okay...

When we were in Nashville with Grant's family, Eva took a carousel ride. She also went riding with her Papa at the Galleria. We have pics of that too, but my mom has them. She loved it!

Our tree this year was still the fake one, but I think it looks pretty real. I did all my presents in green and red stripes with opposite bows. I thought it made a pretty picture with them all matching! Santa's loot did not look so big this year, but Eva did get plenty more from the Grandparents. Her doll is her first Madame Alexander that is all hers. She loves it already! We spent Christmas day at our house and my parents came by for the early morning events. Then we showered and went to Grant's parent's house and his grandmother's for lunch. It was all such a wonderful day to see our families and enjoy each other. I thank God for his son and Christ for His gift to us that allows us to love and enjoy eachother!

This last picture is of Eva in her new chair. It is so soft and cozy and just her size. Since we already crawling and pulling up, I am sure it will get tons of use. She started consistently crawling and pulling up on the ottoman and in her crib on Sat. December 26. 7.5 months! I just think it is too fast. My little girl wants to be so big!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nap Time!

Today I was supposed to be taking a nap and was VERY tired, but thus
what mommy and daddy found.

Friday, December 11, 2009


So, I made it all the way to Nashville in my carseat, went straight to
dinner, watched half the Rockettes, and now, I'm done! Can't hold my
eyes open!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Seven Months and Roll Tide!

Man, I got hot cheerin on the tide!!! Had to strip down! What a
great birthday! Roll tide!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Too funny!

Eva was so tired after not napping on Sunday that she fell asleep
standing up in her exersaucer! Poor baby.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and New Food!

This year we had a great Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and very laid back. My parents ended up being here instead of us going down to the lake. My grandmother is sick, well both actually so, we just needed to be close. My mom cooked as always. I asked several times in advance what I could make, but she said she had it covered. Anytime we go to my parents't or Grant's family Eva loves it. She just loves a crowd and everything that goes on. She has done really well lately with her naps and took a good one while we ate our Thanksgiving lunch!

We are so greatful for our joyful little girl. She really is so happy and smiley, if that is a word, all the time. Even the doctor's comment on it. And, this month we have seen three!

Eva started off with a cackling cough, then some green snot. By the end of that week it turned into a mild ear infection in the right ear. (this was at our 6 month check up where we gained a whoping 2lbs in 2 months) We took an anitbiotic for 10 days and it seemed to clear up, then the week she was off from the nursery, she started coughing again, so I can't blame it on other sick kids... Now she has mild infection in the left ear and we are back on antibiotics. Poor baby just can't stay well. All this on top of the fact that our sleep has gone in reverse for the past month due to progressive teething that seemed to start two and half months ago. Mom and Dad are at their witts end with the night time thing. She was perfect from about 8 weeks until about 5 months, then we hit a wall. Any suggestions? I know for you babywise mom's out there, we are supposed to let them cry and that the 45 minute intruder is normal, but what about when she is sick? It breaks my heart...

The newest thing in Eva's life now is food. Well, cereal and oatmeal. Eva didn't really care for cereal at all, but absolutely loves oatmeal. I think she would eat it until I quit putting it in her mouth. It is so funny how she dives for the spoon. She knew exactly what to do with it by the way; I am guessing from watching all the other babies in her class eat real food for the past month before she got to!

Here are few pics from some recent photo sessions we had. I was quite pleased!

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Months!

in the hamper!

grinning on Halloween Eve!
November fifth was Eva's six month birthday. Yes, she has been here for six months. It feels like yesterday we were spending our days at the lake and beach all summer and she was just itty bitty Eva. While she is still little, all 13lbs 13ozs of her, she is just too big. She is always busy, entertaining herself. She talks and wants to be using her hands with everything. She can sit up like a big girl for a little bit before she falls over and can roll all over spinning in circles. I also feel in her mouth every morning thinking there will be a tooth. I had a dream a week or so ago that I woke up one morning and she had a mouth full. Just all of the sudden. I am still nursing her twice a day because I really wanted to make it to the six month mark, which I must say with working is something I am very proud of. My schedule at school this year made it next to impossible but I used my thirty minute lunch and right at 3 to pump every day for the first two months. Then, I dropped down to once a day and finally just nursing morning and night. I do not know how long that will last, but I am happy with her first six months. On that note...

So far we have been so healthy, even going to daycare until the past two days. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday on her six month birthday for a cold. It is so pitiful. She is hoarse and coughing her gunk up in her throat. She had a fever for half a day, but hasn't since. The doctor said other than our humidifier and tylenol for her fever not to do anything. Hopefully she will get over it in a few days without an ear infection. I am praying so becuase my always happy, grinning ear to ear baby is whining because she doesn't feel good. The funny thing is, even between tears she is trying to smile and laugh. Poor baby.

Eva's first six months have been the best of my life. I miss her every day while I am at school and can't wait to get home for my three hours with her until bed.

Cutest Pumpkin in the patch

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Little Flower and My Thanks!

So, this was our first halloween! It was such a fun relaxing day. Grant went hunting on Friday afternoon and got back Saturday afternoon. It is bow season right now so he always likes to try to shoot his bow. As of yet, I have not seen him bring a deer back. Anyway, Eva and I had a fun day at home and got to play together. I don't get to do that a lot since I only pick her up from daycare by 4 and she goes to bed by 7:30! I love these times. She is such a wonderful baby! She is constantly smiling and talking and just busy. She can entertain herself forever. She is still napping four times a day, but you can tell when she doesn't get a good one in because she will start to whine for about two minutes and then conk out! It is funny to watch.

This year for her costume we borrowed the most adorable flower suit from Grant's cousin Shannon. Her little girl Molly is almost exactly one year older, so it workedo out perfectly.
I swear she knows when to put on a show. At daycare they had picture day last week and we had our picture taken for our church pictorial directory on the same day. Both photographers said they had never had a baby they didn't have to try to make look at the camera or smile. Eva just grins really big and laughs. It is so funny. (maybe it if from having flashes in her face as the center of attention from the moment she left the womb!)

Back to my flower girl. Here she is! I know next year she probably won't like head pieces, but this year, she loved it! These are her and us, and then her with her Aunt Hannah (aka Micheal Jackson) The cow is our friend Brooks.

As for my thanks, I was encouraged by Michael's blog, so I have to say I am humbled almost everyday by all of the things I find to be bothered by, upset about or even wanting for. I always seem to realize after the fact that I have absolutely everything I could possibly want or need and that goes for my job and filthy house, beautiful baby, fabulously hard working, giving husband and hairy, shedding dog. Parents who would do anything for me and in-laws who do anything to help us and make us happy. And a God who thinks I am worth it all! What more could I want!?
Tootle loo!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Months (yesterday)

Eva's Baptism Brunch
Our family
Mom and Eva at the brunch

Okay, I really am terrible at this. Now that I am back at work, I kept telling myself, get Eva's five month blog done. but it is sooooo hard. Anyway, enough excuses. I want to have this so that I can remember and at least tell her all of her milestones and funny stories.
Eva was baptized this month on September 13th. The ceremony was wonderful and she even smiled before Dr. Wolfe got her. She then slept through the rest of the service. My mom made her gown from one of my old dresses when I was 10. It was white with off white lace. She is so talented to make this gown so gorgeous and do it with pieces of another dress. I am so thankful for her! After the ceremony we had our entire family and a couple of friends over for brunch. My mom, Grant's mom and Aunt Pam all made food to bring. They are lifesavers. There is absolutely no way I could have fed 50+ people myself. Just having that many people at my house in the midst of our monstrous floods of September was hard enough. Luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to have some tables set up outside for people as well. It was so wonderful having so many loving people to celebrate Eva's dedication to Christ. We feel so blessed.

The girls are wiped out after the brunch
Other than that, life is normal, work is normal and Eva is growing.
This month in review:
1. Really started "talking" lots!
2. Found your feet- you love to put them in your mouth even with socks on
3. Rolling like crazy- both ways belly to back and back to belly
4. Loving school- you are so content when I leave you and all smiles, or sleeping when I pick you up.
5. Loving baths- you get so relaxed in your ducky and you love it when I sing "Splish Splash", oh the newest thing is sucking on your rubber ducky's beak
6. You are mesmerized by football. It is not just Alabama football, any football. You even talk to the players (just like mommy)
In her game day dress I made
Family picture before the game
7. The exersaucer is your favorite toy- and you are almost ready to be put up to the next level (your in the 85-90% in height)
8. You are beginning to not like nursing in the evenings, I am not sure if it is because my milk doesn't come fast enough for you, or if your reflux is beginning to flair up again. (I'm calling the doc tomorrow to check)
9. You love your daddy, and boys in general. Any man you see, you get all flirty (we're scared already!)
10. Lucy is your friend- you pet her and let her lick your hand and watch everything she does because it makes you laugh.
We love you so much and wish we could freeze time because you are growing and changing too fast. I know one day you won't like me to hold you to fall asleep, and one day your daddy will embarrass you instead of make you laugh, but for now you are our sweet angel.

Love you!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

4 months today!

My favorite time of day, doing my favorite thing, sucking my fingers!
Sittin on the couch, watchin tv.
My friend, Molly, giving me a kiss! I love kisses!
just chillin!
I'm a big girl now!

Today is Eva's 4 month birthday. I am amazed at how life is completely different and completely wonderful with her here. I started back to work this month, after turning 29! That has been the hardest adjustment for me. Eva adjusted just fine and loves, loves, loves her nursery. She is all smiles when I drop her off, and all smiles when I pick her up. She sleeps like a champ while she is there and is perfectly on her schedule. I, on the other hand, am miserable while I am away and still trying to pump at work so that I can atleast be giving her nurition since I can't be with her myself. While I do not have enough milk to leave three mommy bottles, I can still nurse her in the mornings, afternoons and evenings before bed and just leave two formula bottles for the day time.

At four months Eva is the most fun. She is happy nearly all the time. She has huge grins and has started to giggle occassionally. We got it on video, but unfortunately I have not figured out how to get the video to my computer yet. She has started to roll from her belly to her back easily and even wiggle a little bit to mimick a worm trying to crawl! I will post these funny picutres later.

Eva's day typically begins about 6 am, when I wake her up to eat. She will eat for about 45 minutes and then we change her for school. I truly do not know what I would do without Grant every morning. He makes sure her diaper bag is filled, gets out the premade bottles and even brings me something to eat while I am feeding. I get up at 5 to shower and be ready before I have to feed her. We leave for school about 7:10 or 7:15 and I got to drop her off. I get to school just before 8, which is fine this year because I have first period off, which is actually a horrible time to have off when my lunch is at 10 am! It is so tiring. I just pray I make it through the year. I pump after school right at 3 and then leave to pick her up. I get her by four and head home. She is usually very tired and will take about an hour nap or so by 4:30, then I feed her at 5:30. We then play, take a bath, which she loves!! Then we eat again. After this we are ready for bed. She is usually in the bed by 8:oo or 8:30 and sleeps all night. She has been doing this since mid July, but our bedtime is earlier now. We love it, except for the fact that I only get to spend a few hours a day with her. I love weekends!

We are at my parents' house this weekend for Labor Day and I know I will not want to go back to school on Tuesday. I am sure we will have fun pics to post next week.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 Months Old

I'm all girl!

Wow! Time has flown by. I cannot believe this amazing little girl has been in this world for three months. I am amazed every day that Eva is ours and by how much I love her. The past few weeks have been my favorite for sure. She is so much fun, sleeping anywhere from seven to nine hours a night and giggling at everyone. Two of her favorite things are stretching and looking in mirrors. She will inevitably smile at a mirror and has a ten minute stretching routine in the mornings. We swaddle her at night so her arms are down by her side and she loves it, but in the mornings when I unwrap her, they shoot up above her head and she just stretches from her tippy toes to her fingers forever! We have it on camera because it is such a signature move.

smiling and stretching

Eva loves her bath and bibs. She crams the bibs in her mouth and chews on them. She has started laughing some and that is our only real milestone. I don't know if we will ever push up or crawl though because she hates being on her belly to play. She would rather lay on her back and talk and play. I will probably cause her great delays in that area, but I can't do it if she cries!
On a totally different note, we found out Lucy, our other little girl, has hypothyroid. She began losing hair on her sides about four or five months ago and has always been a bit of a roly poly not to mention lazy. Well, we finally found a vet who figured it out and now she dropping pounds by the day and growing her hair back! Shortly after we found out about her thyroid she got a cyst on her tail! So, in addition to having to give her medicine every day for the rest of her life, we had to have that drained and it is not pretty! Grant was performing nursing duties on her every night so that she would not have to stay in the kitchen. We love her, but man, she has cost more than the child at this point!
All in all the last few months have been the most incredible experience of my life. I know it will get better, and harder too, but I am looking forward to raising Eva with Grant, and watching her grow into a beautiful, Godly little girl.
The hardest thing is going to be starting work next week, because I will have to leave her all day. Pray for me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Lake

I'm happy as can be on the front porch relaxin! Don't you love my hat.
I have to leave tomorrow. Boo hoo.

Bubbles, our new favorite.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Months

Eva in the dress her mommy made! This is my new favorite "effect" it is called Antique!

Now its time for a real update. Mommyhood is really hard. Don't get me wrong, I was under no dilusions that it would be easy, but wow! There isn't a mother I can think of who is a wimp. While I am fortunante that delivery and recovery were the easiest part of pregnancy for me, this breastfeeding and newborn issues are not. I love every minute, yes even when she screams because she is still so precious even when demanding food. When I say demanding, I mean demanding. This little one wakes up and is READY for food.
The past month, I have pretty much been on the road. She is a great traveler with the exception of our recent drive home from the lake, but I take full responsibility for trying to drive home late in the afternoon instead of the morning. She is best in the morning.
We spent two weeks out of town, one week at the beach and one week, split on either side of the beach trip at the lake. Eva loved them both!! I think we may have to move to the beach, or at least get a deck with a rocking chair and ceiling fan. Here she is in her bathing suit. She loved the lake water and her shades that Grandmother got her.

Eva lovin' her shades
Just chillin in the water!

At the beach Grant's whole family was there and we strictly relaxed. It was amazing have so many people to help with Eva. She is so loved. Mimi, Grant's mom whom he now calls The Baby Whisperer, and his grandmother, Eva's great grandmother, loved staying in the condo keeping Eva during the day mostly. I got to go down and lay out for an hour and half or so after every feeding. It was perfect. She slept so wonderfully too.
We have had several nights of 6 to 8 hours of sleeping solid. Mostly it is 6 or 6 and half hours, but I'll take it! She really started smiling a lot more at the beach too, but now it is all the time. I love it!

The gorgeous picture I took of Eva myself!

The family with Memaw, Eva

One thing I know about her is she is a tooter. She will kill me one day for telling everyone this, but with her reflux, if she isn't burping she is tooting, while she eats, sleeps and right before her great big blow outs. (She just had a huge one today while my MawMaw was holding her. She was laughing and then all of a sudden, bam! It went everywhere, including on MawMaw. She thought it was so funny! ) So, lately I have been back in reality without grandmother's doing everything I can't. It is not easy, but hey that is the rest of my life huh? Throughout all of the difficult stuff, Grant is just doing all he can to help. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping! I can't ask for anything more !

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am a very funny sleeper!

My Recent Birth Announcement

I have been MIA for a while, but I have a few updates from the last 6

Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week In Pictures...

Here is a recap of my first 12 days of life!

Day 2: Very alert, I love to look around!

Day 3: Coming home.  My parents are so proud!

Day 5: My first bath at home.  I peed on my mom after!

This is my hair after my bath. Grandmother calls it "wild hair," and it has a red hint like my mom's did!

Day 6: Mommy's first mother's day!  Grandmother was there too; three generations.

Week 2:  Mommy tries to take some pictures of me.  I was a bit too small for my diaper bloomers.  Oops. 

I usually don't like to keep my eyes open for pictures.  The flash makes me squeeze them shut.  But aren't I sweet in this one!

We have had a great first 12 days. The doctor's visit was not fun when they stuck my heal.  I just kept screaming, and mommy forgot my pacifier.  Lesson learned.   If I could figure out that 2 am is not the optimal time to stay a wake for 2 hours after feeding, we'd be superb.  At least I wasn't fussy last night when I was up.  I just like to look around and play.  


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