Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Eva!

My baby girl is officially One Year Old! I still find it hard to believe even though it was a week ago now. Eva was not quite ready to wake up on her birthday.
It has been quite sad though because she has had so many ailments lately! We have had a horrible diaper rash, a smashed finger with a finger nail falling off, a runny nose with a cold and now an ear infection... Poor baby. Even with all of these things going on, she was the attention hog of the day. Of course she should have been, but we were worried all of her sicknesses would make her no fun. At first we were a bit solemn, but soon she picked up the pace!

I love my shades!

Aren't I pretty, at the big girl table?

I love my Grandmama and Papa!
My awesome cake that my talented Aunt Amy made me!!! I love ladybugs.
Do I really have to eat this? I didn't like it the first time either. Now I know better than to stick my hands in it!

Ha, Ha! You think I'm an angel!
Grant and I have had the most amazing year with our Eva. She is a new joy everyday. I recently posted all of her milestones, and other than new words that is all still the same.
Eva can say "Momm,momm,momma," "Daddy," "Duck," "Ball, " "Thank you (tan to)" "nanna" and "Bye,Bye" which is really funny becuase to make the B sound she has to bite with her top teeth over her bottom lip. She also waves backwards when she says it!
Eva you are mine and Daddy's blessing and we love you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So, today is my baby girl's one year. Cinco de Mayo a year ago, I was at the hospital with my tiny little 6lb 6oz girl. Now she is about 22 lbs and 30+inches tall! Since she has been walking for two months, we have really been on the move. She is still a baby, but it is so bitter sweet with her turing one. Eva's sense of humor is so funny. She is all over the place. The center of attention, shy, giggly and pouty all in one. Here is a picture show of her birthday today.

"Oh, I'm not ready to get up, even if I am the Birthday Girl!"

after school...

"Wow, Mom, are all these for me?"

"I can open them myself!"

"So it is a table and chairs... can't I just sit on the box?"

" I LOVE crawling understuff! This tunnel is perfect!"

"OOO, a new baby. I love being the mommy."
"OOOOH, a ladybug cake!"

"Yummmmy!" (really she didn't eat it. she kept spitting it out!)

"Gotta clean after all that icky icing! I LOVE my baths!"


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