Saturday, February 21, 2009

29 weeks, and Getting Bigger

 So, here it is.  Several people have asked for a more up to date picture.  My belly is bigger than a few weeks or month ago.  I am just over 7 months, so only 3 left, hopefully, Eva is quite low in there, but all in the front still.  While many people believe boys carry low and girls carry high, it is actually split. I have talked to many people who carried both ways or the opposite.   I started getting very anxious lately to see her again and praying everything is still okay.  She does move like a gymnast all the time.  We can see her feet or behind or fists as she flips and bounces on my bladder!  I do not have caffeine hardly ever, and just a few sips when I do, because it sends her into a spin.  I had my diabetes test last week and passed that thankfully!  

I also need to put up some pictures of her room.  No, there is nothing done. I know you all are shocked because surely I would have done it all being so type A!  But we have had a huge delay with our hardwood floors in her room.  Right now there is just a huge hole where we have to replace some of it due to old damage.  Her bedding is being made now; we have picked a paint color, ordered a chair for her room, borrowed a changing table that is beautiful from a friend and plan to make the twin bed headboard in the next couple of weeks.  Whew that is a lot.  The nesting stage is upon me.  I am very anxious to get her room done, but also I have been cleaning out the rest of the house and getting rid of stuff.  It is great.  

We are so thankful for all of our friends and family who can't help but do things for Eva already, like host showers, make bedding, buy her surprises and pray for her all the time! I just have to say, I cannot wait for MAY!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here is a belly picture!

I know it's taken forever, but I am now 6.5 months and showing. It does feel weird but this how much I'm showing as of now. We go to the doctor tomorrow to check progress. More later!


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