Friday, July 18, 2008

Continuing construction

So, right now I am hold up in my bedroom with no t.v. because our countertops are being put in, and I have no living room or den , and the t.v. is not working (who knows why).  So, I thought I would update progress. Our house is almost on the downhill side of remodeling.  I will say I will never do this again. If you have an option of fixing and then moving in, DO IT!  We now have floors down, and tile down, cabinets painted, and a laundry that is almost ready to go, minus a washer and dryer and actually underground plumbing.  It is really neat to see the progress and to appreciate what you have when you do work yourself.  I will add some pics of our progress after this post. 
I also kept my friends little girl and little boy this morning. We went walking and then I played with Julia (see picture) and then I kept JT while Mary and Julia went to the park.  It was fun, and I loved it when Julia said my name!! It was more like Tissin, but what the hey. It was my name :)
More later.

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