Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Eva's Baby Shower


This past weekend six of my very sweet and loving friends hosted a wonderful baby shower for Eva.  It was a totally overwhelming experience to have so many people come to celebrate your child.  I feel very blessed and loved.  I had had an emotional day the day before, for no real reason, so luckily I did not cry the whole time. We thoroughly enjoyed it! The food, decorations and fellowship were all amazing!  Eva has more clothes that I think she could ever wear in her first 6 months of life before she out grows most of them, depending on how big she ends up being! The beautiful white dotted swiss bassinet is a gift from my mom. She made the cover for my old wicker bassinet herself. I love it! Her namesake, great-grandmother Eva, was there and it was very special as well! I will try to post some of the pictures of the shower and people here, but I cannot figure out how to do the pictures in a space saving way.  
We also have some of the nursery completed!  Paint, baby bedding and furniture, but not the twin bed or the pictures and items on the walls. It is, however coming together as I envisioned.  This is truly amazing, because I always have difficulty getting things just as I imagine them. But once I get some pictures of it, they will be here too! And I am trying to do better with the belly pictures. I'll try to do that soon as well!

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Lauren said...

That bassinet is gorgeous!


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