Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week In Pictures...

Here is a recap of my first 12 days of life!

Day 2: Very alert, I love to look around!

Day 3: Coming home.  My parents are so proud!

Day 5: My first bath at home.  I peed on my mom after!

This is my hair after my bath. Grandmother calls it "wild hair," and it has a red hint like my mom's did!

Day 6: Mommy's first mother's day!  Grandmother was there too; three generations.

Week 2:  Mommy tries to take some pictures of me.  I was a bit too small for my diaper bloomers.  Oops. 

I usually don't like to keep my eyes open for pictures.  The flash makes me squeeze them shut.  But aren't I sweet in this one!

We have had a great first 12 days. The doctor's visit was not fun when they stuck my heal.  I just kept screaming, and mommy forgot my pacifier.  Lesson learned.   If I could figure out that 2 am is not the optimal time to stay a wake for 2 hours after feeding, we'd be superb.  At least I wasn't fussy last night when I was up.  I just like to look around and play.  


Erinn and Trey said...

She's so pretty! You look good too! I forgot Georgia's paci at her last appointment, and she's 14 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't feel too bad!

Ashley said...

so adorable Kris!!! I feel like the worst friend ever that I haven't gotten to visit yet!!! I'm so sorry... seriously! I've been working from 7-7 for the past 2 weeks so everytime I think about stopping by it doesn't work out- but I am coming this week...maybe Monday..I'll call ya!!

Chandler said...

Kristin, she really is beautiful. I've been thinking of you and by the looks of things, it appears everything is going great. I can't wait to meet Eva! Keep the updates coming. I love seeing all the pictures!


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