Friday, July 10, 2009

Two Months

Eva in the dress her mommy made! This is my new favorite "effect" it is called Antique!

Now its time for a real update. Mommyhood is really hard. Don't get me wrong, I was under no dilusions that it would be easy, but wow! There isn't a mother I can think of who is a wimp. While I am fortunante that delivery and recovery were the easiest part of pregnancy for me, this breastfeeding and newborn issues are not. I love every minute, yes even when she screams because she is still so precious even when demanding food. When I say demanding, I mean demanding. This little one wakes up and is READY for food.
The past month, I have pretty much been on the road. She is a great traveler with the exception of our recent drive home from the lake, but I take full responsibility for trying to drive home late in the afternoon instead of the morning. She is best in the morning.
We spent two weeks out of town, one week at the beach and one week, split on either side of the beach trip at the lake. Eva loved them both!! I think we may have to move to the beach, or at least get a deck with a rocking chair and ceiling fan. Here she is in her bathing suit. She loved the lake water and her shades that Grandmother got her.

Eva lovin' her shades
Just chillin in the water!

At the beach Grant's whole family was there and we strictly relaxed. It was amazing have so many people to help with Eva. She is so loved. Mimi, Grant's mom whom he now calls The Baby Whisperer, and his grandmother, Eva's great grandmother, loved staying in the condo keeping Eva during the day mostly. I got to go down and lay out for an hour and half or so after every feeding. It was perfect. She slept so wonderfully too.
We have had several nights of 6 to 8 hours of sleeping solid. Mostly it is 6 or 6 and half hours, but I'll take it! She really started smiling a lot more at the beach too, but now it is all the time. I love it!

The gorgeous picture I took of Eva myself!

The family with Memaw, Eva

One thing I know about her is she is a tooter. She will kill me one day for telling everyone this, but with her reflux, if she isn't burping she is tooting, while she eats, sleeps and right before her great big blow outs. (She just had a huge one today while my MawMaw was holding her. She was laughing and then all of a sudden, bam! It went everywhere, including on MawMaw. She thought it was so funny! ) So, lately I have been back in reality without grandmother's doing everything I can't. It is not easy, but hey that is the rest of my life huh? Throughout all of the difficult stuff, Grant is just doing all he can to help. Cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping! I can't ask for anything more !


Erinn and Trey said...

She is so pretty! She's gotten so much bigger and more alert! Looks like y'all had some fun vacations.

Lauren said...

She is getting so big!!! So I promise breastfeeding will get easier! Just hang in there! And isn't the tooting so funny? John sounds like a teenage boy when he toots! It is crazy loud!

Beth said...

Love love love the update and all the pics!! She is so incredibly precious!!


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