Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

We went to the lake for the fourth of July. Since my parents live there and my mom needed a ride down there (My Granny is very sick and she has been up there with her a lot), I decided to come last Tuesday with Eva. Grant came on Friday and left today. I am leaving tomorrow. We would even stay but my parents are going out of town too. We had a pretty cloudy, rainy first two days, but Thursday through today have been Beautiful! Eva has had a great time and a few scary moments. She loves the water, and our neighbors have a "hot tub" that they do not heat, but we all call it the warm pool. She has gotten to swim in there with their three kids. All the kids call her "Baby Eva." I wonder if she will ever not be "Baby Eva." Of course to me she always will be.

Since Eva is 14 months today, I have to share a bit about her now. She has the most hyterical personality lately. She copies everything we say and tries to sing and be a mommy. We have been learning "Head, shoulders, knees and toes." And she loves to try the face part, singing and pointing. She knows nose and that is about it so far. Almost getting to know mouth. Eva is also very good at animal noises. We have mastered duck, dog (Lucy), pig and almost bird. You can ask her what does a ______ say? and she will say the sound. They all have her own spin on them and are so funny. Lastly, and most recently, she has learned how to smile and say "Cheese" for the camera. Even though we have to take one picture first for her to see the flash, she will then stop and tilt her head and squint her eyes, showing her teeth. I die laughing every time. Here are a few pics from our Fourth of July celebration.
PS- please excuse the pictures in no particular order and the text below... blogger is different on my parent's computer! ew...

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The Reeds said...

Eva is SO CUTE, and I am super jealous that she smiles for the camera! Trent ignores it completely or tries to get away from it- typical boy! We taught Trent "The Itsy Bitsy Spider," and he LOVES it!! You might want to try that after "Head, Shoulders.."


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