Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Baby was 2! on Cinco de Mayo

Eva's Birthday Morning!

And, now it's official. We have a two-year-old. We have felt the twos for a long time now, but as of May 5, we are two. I do not know what most two year olds are like, but mine seems to pushing four. She talks non-stop, and most of it I know exactly what she says. She is seriously hard-headed and seriously funny. Eva's personality is hysterical. I sometimes feel like her sense of humor is seriously mature or mine is seriously immature, I guess since I teach 13 year olds I will go with the latter. Of course, she still is surely two. She gets frustrated and hits, or sometimes just hits for no reason as in Sunday School this morning, but she also is the most loving, sometimes clingy, child. She truly shows unconditional love in the meer moments after being scolded or spanked. Her feelings will be hurt, but she wants so badly to be held and hugged and kissed and I want so badly to comfort her. I love her more than I thought ever possible. It is amazing how priorities change without even a second thought. Grant and I get quality time together everyday, we get to go on a date every now and then, but we could care less if it is pizza and tv and talking, or dinner and movie, because we love to be here with our baby girl. I cannot wait for the next two weeks to be over and my summer to officially begin so that I can enjoy more times like I have the past few weekends.

We did have a birthday party for Eva on May 5th. We just invited family and few family friends with kids Eva has played with. We ordered Cocina Superior for Cinco de Mayo and had cake and cupcakes from Louise's Cakes and Things. She had a great time and so did we.

This is the precious cake! I ordered it the DAY BEFORE! I thought I would try to make her cake, but who could beat this? It is strawberry cake and buttercream icing with fairies and butterflies! And it was YUMMY!

Is this mine? I love CAKE!

And, presents... This one is wrapped in Dora! I think I'll open it first. I LOVE Dora too.

This is my friend Katelyn. I LOVE her too! My mommy and her mommy have been friends since they were in middle school!

pushing my friends around on my car. I didn't want to share at first, but I guess I like being in charge...

My friend, Ashton

Of course we gotta eat too! A little mexican and juice. I look so sweet, but only moments after this picture I fed my food to Lucy!

AH! I love being 2!


Beth said...

Love this post and the pics! AND I love the new picture at the top. So pretty!

Erinn and Trey said...

LOVE that cake! What a cute party and what a cute girl. I know her and Georgia would be best of friends. They sound like 2 birds of a feather!

Ashley said...

Happy Late Birthday to Eva!!!! She's as cute as ever!

Blair Phillips said...

What a sweet girl! Happy Birthday Eva. I can't wait to see her first hand.


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