Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Nursery and More!

Wow, I am terrible at putting pictures on here. But, finally I have taken some pictures of our nursery despite not having the wall hangings. We have them all, mainly pieces from my room and things my mom made, but we have not gotten opinions on the best places for them.  It is a small room, but I must say we really put the most in it we could and had to.  The crib bedding was made by a lady who is very talented and the incredible balloon shade too!  It has actually turned out just as I envisioned, which never really seems to happen.  Amazing!!  My Granny made my baby quilt that is on the bed when I was little from my dresses. Finally, my mom made the bedskirt and sham for the twin bed!  The rug is a needlepoint rug that I ordered rather shadily from China. Yes, direct from a factory and it was a process, but incredibly cheap.  We borrowed the changing table, which is actually a buffet, from Kelly Dorough and it is perfect.  Grant made the head board to the twin bed from directions I found, then I sewed the slip cover and had it monogrammed.  Grant has really done so much to make Eva's room perfect, from the perfect color of paint that he painted three coats of to hanging the antique pendant with a new ceiling mount and the balloon shade.  It was a task!  I love him so much for putting up with my always difficult desires.  
Anyway, the nursery is ready for her finally and with only three and half weeks left to my due date and the doctor saying we could have an April baby, it is not too soon! 
I was last week 1.5 cm dilated and 70%effaced, and each week it has been a little more. Dr. Kennedy is always shocked because her head has been low since week 34 and each time a little lower.  I just say, "Oh yes, I know!"  It is crazy how she can affect my ability to walk at this point.  I often get jarred and cannot take a step because she presses on my femoral artery and paralyzes me!
So, I hope to update the blog from my phone after her birth, just in case I don't have chance to do anymore posts between now and then. 
Last, but not least, Grant's family had a shower for us the weekend before easter and I finally have those pictures uploaded too. I will try to share a few because it was truly amazing and Amy, his  sister; Debbie, his mom; and Pam, his aunt, went above and beyond to make it wonderful! Thank you so much!



The Reeds said...

The nursery is gorgeous! You did a great job!
I bet she will be here soon! I was exactly where you were, and he came 6 days later:)

The Cardens said...

Her nursery looks GREAT!! So cute!! I love it!! Y'all did a great job! She will be in there before you know it! :) It looks like you got tons of stuff at your shower. The diaper bag you got is so cute. The striped fabric on the bottom is the fabric in Hope's room! Please keep me posted!! I can't wait to hear she is here! :)

Teresa said...

Its incredible! You did a great job. I bet its a lot sooner than 3 weeks with as far as you have progressed. Cant wait!

Erinn and Trey said...

I love love love it! Eva Grace is a lucky little lady to have such a beautiful room. We'll keep our fingers crossed for an April baby!


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