Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just an update...

So, the doctor continues to be shocked at how low Eva is.  So, needless to say the exams are quite painful.  I am a bit more dilated and effaced at 2 cm and 75%.   Many people have gone into labor quickly I have heard in some comments; I can only cross my fingers.  She also said that unless I am miserable we won't be doing anything before 39 weeks as far as inductions. I am not miserable, but she does hurt me sometimes because she is so low in my pelvis.  At 39 weeks, maybe May 6 or 7, if I have not gone into labor, she said she would induce if I wanted because I am "ready" and she likes to deliver her babies.  This way we could assure it.  

On a funnier note: We just got our getting Fido ready for baby CD.  It is a CD with baby crying, cooing, screaming, laughing and all sorts of sounds. We figured our extremely spoiled baby girl needs a little prepping for Eva.  I know she will be sweet to her, but Lucy can get her feelings hurt so easily, I just want her to be ready.  We put the CD on in the crib and let her hear it from the bedroom.  At first she just perked her head up and tilted it, looking at me like..."Are you hearing this?"  After a minute or two, I went in the baby's room and Lucy bolted with me.  She stared at the crib and I picked up a baby doll to hold it.  She was hysterical.  She just sat there staring seeming to ask, "What in the world are you doing?"  She licked the feet and sniffed the head, of course real smells will follow, but she did well for her first time! Oh my two baby girls are going to be doing a lot of adjusting.
Thanks for all the support and sweet comments on her nursery!  
Love y'all.


Chandler said...

Kristin, I'm so excited for you! She'll be here before you know it!! I LOVE your nursery. It is so shabby and so you!! I know Eva is going to be beautiful!! I'm looking forward to the pictures once she arrives!

Lauren said...

Any more news? I am being induced on Thursday. I can't wait to hold my new baby!! And I am looking forward to seeing pictures of yours!


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