Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Months (yesterday)

Eva's Baptism Brunch
Our family
Mom and Eva at the brunch

Okay, I really am terrible at this. Now that I am back at work, I kept telling myself, get Eva's five month blog done. but it is sooooo hard. Anyway, enough excuses. I want to have this so that I can remember and at least tell her all of her milestones and funny stories.
Eva was baptized this month on September 13th. The ceremony was wonderful and she even smiled before Dr. Wolfe got her. She then slept through the rest of the service. My mom made her gown from one of my old dresses when I was 10. It was white with off white lace. She is so talented to make this gown so gorgeous and do it with pieces of another dress. I am so thankful for her! After the ceremony we had our entire family and a couple of friends over for brunch. My mom, Grant's mom and Aunt Pam all made food to bring. They are lifesavers. There is absolutely no way I could have fed 50+ people myself. Just having that many people at my house in the midst of our monstrous floods of September was hard enough. Luckily the rain held off just long enough for us to have some tables set up outside for people as well. It was so wonderful having so many loving people to celebrate Eva's dedication to Christ. We feel so blessed.

The girls are wiped out after the brunch
Other than that, life is normal, work is normal and Eva is growing.
This month in review:
1. Really started "talking" lots!
2. Found your feet- you love to put them in your mouth even with socks on
3. Rolling like crazy- both ways belly to back and back to belly
4. Loving school- you are so content when I leave you and all smiles, or sleeping when I pick you up.
5. Loving baths- you get so relaxed in your ducky and you love it when I sing "Splish Splash", oh the newest thing is sucking on your rubber ducky's beak
6. You are mesmerized by football. It is not just Alabama football, any football. You even talk to the players (just like mommy)
In her game day dress I made
Family picture before the game
7. The exersaucer is your favorite toy- and you are almost ready to be put up to the next level (your in the 85-90% in height)
8. You are beginning to not like nursing in the evenings, I am not sure if it is because my milk doesn't come fast enough for you, or if your reflux is beginning to flair up again. (I'm calling the doc tomorrow to check)
9. You love your daddy, and boys in general. Any man you see, you get all flirty (we're scared already!)
10. Lucy is your friend- you pet her and let her lick your hand and watch everything she does because it makes you laugh.
We love you so much and wish we could freeze time because you are growing and changing too fast. I know one day you won't like me to hold you to fall asleep, and one day your daddy will embarrass you instead of make you laugh, but for now you are our sweet angel.

Love you!


Beth said...

Yea! An update. Love the Bama dress. In the family pick before the football game, I think she must be yelling "Roll Tide!" Good girl, Eva! Love ya!

Lauren said...

I love her Bama dress! I wish I knew how to smock!

She is beautiful! The time just goes by so fast!

Blair Phillips said...

Great dress, but isn't it a tad too long? just kidding! She is beautiful and so happy!
love u,

Chandler said...

I'm so glad you updated your blog! Eva's dress is amazing! You are so good a smocking! You all look so great. We should catch up soon. I hope to visit b-ham sometime this fall but not sure when. I can't believe how fast they grow up. She's is truly beautiful.


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