Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Little Flower and My Thanks!

So, this was our first halloween! It was such a fun relaxing day. Grant went hunting on Friday afternoon and got back Saturday afternoon. It is bow season right now so he always likes to try to shoot his bow. As of yet, I have not seen him bring a deer back. Anyway, Eva and I had a fun day at home and got to play together. I don't get to do that a lot since I only pick her up from daycare by 4 and she goes to bed by 7:30! I love these times. She is such a wonderful baby! She is constantly smiling and talking and just busy. She can entertain herself forever. She is still napping four times a day, but you can tell when she doesn't get a good one in because she will start to whine for about two minutes and then conk out! It is funny to watch.

This year for her costume we borrowed the most adorable flower suit from Grant's cousin Shannon. Her little girl Molly is almost exactly one year older, so it workedo out perfectly.
I swear she knows when to put on a show. At daycare they had picture day last week and we had our picture taken for our church pictorial directory on the same day. Both photographers said they had never had a baby they didn't have to try to make look at the camera or smile. Eva just grins really big and laughs. It is so funny. (maybe it if from having flashes in her face as the center of attention from the moment she left the womb!)

Back to my flower girl. Here she is! I know next year she probably won't like head pieces, but this year, she loved it! These are her and us, and then her with her Aunt Hannah (aka Micheal Jackson) The cow is our friend Brooks.

As for my thanks, I was encouraged by Michael's blog, so I have to say I am humbled almost everyday by all of the things I find to be bothered by, upset about or even wanting for. I always seem to realize after the fact that I have absolutely everything I could possibly want or need and that goes for my job and filthy house, beautiful baby, fabulously hard working, giving husband and hairy, shedding dog. Parents who would do anything for me and in-laws who do anything to help us and make us happy. And a God who thinks I am worth it all! What more could I want!?
Tootle loo!

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