Monday, December 28, 2009

Eva's First Christmas!

Finally, I am posting about all of Christmas events. It all starts with Santa, and I think Eva liked him, okay...

When we were in Nashville with Grant's family, Eva took a carousel ride. She also went riding with her Papa at the Galleria. We have pics of that too, but my mom has them. She loved it!

Our tree this year was still the fake one, but I think it looks pretty real. I did all my presents in green and red stripes with opposite bows. I thought it made a pretty picture with them all matching! Santa's loot did not look so big this year, but Eva did get plenty more from the Grandparents. Her doll is her first Madame Alexander that is all hers. She loves it already! We spent Christmas day at our house and my parents came by for the early morning events. Then we showered and went to Grant's parent's house and his grandmother's for lunch. It was all such a wonderful day to see our families and enjoy each other. I thank God for his son and Christ for His gift to us that allows us to love and enjoy eachother!

This last picture is of Eva in her new chair. It is so soft and cozy and just her size. Since we already crawling and pulling up, I am sure it will get tons of use. She started consistently crawling and pulling up on the ottoman and in her crib on Sat. December 26. 7.5 months! I just think it is too fast. My little girl wants to be so big!


Erinn and Trey said...

I love the chair! I got GG's kitchen from It's Kidkraft brand. I like it because it's wooden and looked more like furniture than a plastic one! Thanks for the goodies that were waiting for me when I got back from Baton Rouge! Merry First Christmas, Eva!

Beth said...

I love the chair and she looks so cute with the bow in her hair! Miss y'all!


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