Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Eleven Months

Yes, I said Eleven months! In one month Eva will be ONE YEAR OLD! I am torn between memories and exciting moments in the future. Eva is such a joy in our lives and has truly been such an easy child, that I feel spoiled. She is currently sleeping as she does every night from 7:30pm to 7:00am (somtimes more or a bit less if we take an extra long afternoon nap). This past month Eva has taken off. Literally, I mean walking and not stopping. She can walk in any shoes, barefoot or in pjs. She can sqwat, stand up, sit down and keep going. It is so funny to watch her. We are experiencing new bumps and bruises with this new skill, but they rarely slow her down at all! Eva is eating new foods often now. We still are mainly eating baby food and milk (not cow milk yet, but soon) and some dissolvable baby snacks. Eva loves real bananas, pancakes, other breads, but not so much mash potatoes. I think she will like sweet potatoes though. I may make them this week. She still says "Dadda" a lot and today started saying "Momma, Momma," and crawling up into my lap! Ah, I love it.
Eleven Things Eva Loves:
1. sleeping
2. reading
3. sippy cups
4. daddy
5. baths
6. banging on the glass door
7. music and dancing
8. pointing blankie
10. puffs
11. Lucy

For Easter weekend, we went to the lake to stay with my parents. We had not been to the lake since Christmas I think. My mom and dad were so excited. We went to a huge consignment sale on Saturday while the boys played golf. I did not take a picture of everything I bought, but I got 3 bloomers, 2 pants, 2 shorts, 3 outfits, 3 dresses, 6 books and I am sure I am forgetting something, for $30! Yes! $30, and I am picky. I have lots of stuff for Eva for summer already from my childhood dresses that my mom made and a few dresses I have already made her as well as stuff her Mimi has gotten her, but who can resist a sale. I am officially cutting myself off from buying anything else.

This morning we went to church with my mom. I love the whole celebration of lent and Easter. Especially this year, with Eva, I truly feel like I have a bit more understanding of how God felt while his son suffered and died for His creation to be saved. Anytime Eva is sick (this afternoon) part of me is hurting and wants to take it from her. I know God wanted more than anything at that moment to stop everything his Son was going through, but allowed it because he also loves us. I cannot wait until Eva can one day understand her Lord and His love and sacrifice. Praise God, Jesus Lives.

At my parent's church at the lake, Eva made it through the first half of the service with music she could dance to and by entertaining the couple behind us before getting excited and restless. We went outside and had a photo session. She wore this bonnet the ENTIRE hour and half we were at church and again when we got home. I was shocked. It didn't bother her a bit.

Once we got home this afternoon and Eva took her two hour nap the whole ride home, we had another photo session for birthday party pics! I was super excited with them.

I know this post was long, but Wow, so much to tell.


The Reeds said...

Kristin, Eva is so cute!! I am a HUGE fan of consignment sales. I think there is a good one in B'ham in a few weeks, so don't cut yourself off yet:)

Ashley said...

Love it!!!

Beth said...

Yea! I can finally get into your blog again. Loved the pics. She is such a doll! Kisses from Aunt Beth!


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