Friday, March 26, 2010


Eva has been growing like a weed, (I know such a cliche). But, what else do I say? She can dig through her toy chest and pull out any book. She will sit down with it, open it, and start to read. She will point to pictures and say "Dat, dat," and "ahhhhh."

Last week, Eva got a new duck from Grant's mom and said "Duck" for the first time. Now she will say it when I show her a duck and say it. I say it several times really loud and she does it too!! She even puts the "ck" on the end! "Uh oh" and "Daddy" are two other of her favorite words. Then, even though she has been taking steps here and there for the past month. We now are really walking. She will walk from furniture to furniture across the room, and from Mommy to Daddy. It is amazing. I see her; this little, itty bitty person who almost eleven months ago was barely able to move much on her own. Then came the rolling over, then the sitting up, then the crawling, then standing, and now walking! Nuts!

Eva is so happy and cheery all the time. She will go to anyone, anytime. Her red hair is growing thicker, and redder. She has six teeth and two dimples. I just want to eat her up all the time. Even when we had the throw up bug over spring break and I had to cancel my beach trip with my best friend Beth. (I love you and will make it up to you!) She was so pitiful then, but still didn't cry. She was just weak and laid around on me all the time, which I loved the cuddling.

I love pulling things out of the recycling basket. So busy all the time!

Since I don't get to see her ALLLLL the time, I love every minute with her. She is such a pleasant and busy baby it is easy, but I truly love that I am never tired or needing a break. I can't wait for summer!!! Please hurry!

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Ashley said...

I can't believe she's walking already! Craziness! It's all coming way too fast isn't it?!!! Can't wait til this summer so we can hang out more and have some playdates!


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