Sunday, October 17, 2010

Because I never post and I just loaded all my pictures!

What have we been up to? Everything. Eva is into everything, saying everything, laughing about everything, grabbing everything, eating everything and kissing everything.
Since we got past our first month of being back in school, Eva has been so much fun. That first month, she had a hard time adjusting and was fussing a lot. Now, we are settled in and she is sooooo sweet and funny and cute. I will wait until next month, since I missed the 17 month mark, to post her favorite things. It is going too fast; I do know that. Almost 18 months is just impossible.
This past month, we have gotten to go back to the beach, to an Alabama football game, our church fall festival, and OUTSIDE. (I will say that favorite) I know it hasn't rained in Alabama in forever, but I do not know what this little girl would think. Would she still run outside in the rain? She is obsessed. She also loves to swing. We cannot go on a walk anymore with her seeing the many child swings hanging in our neighborhood. She sees it and whines,"swinnnn." She doesn't quite get the g in there yet.
On the talking note, I am amazed daily at what she knows. Everyday she sees something I don't even know she recognizes and she calls it by name. She anticipates places and people all the time. Is this good you ask? Well, it is getting more difficult for Mommy to leave the room for anything, but I secretly love it. Is that bad?
I have tons of pictures to share. Some are of things we have done, others are of some photo shoots. Enjoy, as I rarely post, so I save up tons of pics and load them all at once!

eating with a fork!
fall photo shoot

Hey Y'all, from the beach

My obsession, really it is all hers. She sees a bow and wants it in her hair. I have to hide them from her or she will look like this all the time? What have I done?

See? A different day entirely!

my favorite spot, with my bestest friend!

she loves it, really!

most recent photo shoot! Church today. This is what I get.


Beth said...

Sweet baby!

Heather Phillips said...

finally!! she is precious. i'm shocked at what an 18 month old can do already. it's definitely a bit scary. i'm glad you are having a great year. miss you sweetie!

Ashley said...

so cute!!!! too big..too quick...for sure!


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