Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last week we got to take Eva to Boo at the Zoo and the Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch. She had a GREAT time. We went to Boo with our cousins Molly and Shelby. We borrowed Molly's flower costume last year, but I think next year we may try to coordinate. Molly is exactly one year older than Eva and Shelby is two years older than Molly. They were coordinating in their pink and black.
This is after the carousel. She did not like it! We did not even move, but she was terrified!
Eva found another little ladybug to dance with while waiting for the hayride!
Petting the goats. She wasn't scared of all the animals.
Hold Shelby's hand. Too cute!
On Saturday, we went to the pumpkin patch in Clanton. It was soooo much fun. We got to see more animals, ride a wagon, take cute pictures, go inside teepees and smells sunflowers! Eva had a ball! And... picked out her pumpkins!
who can resist the cheesy, sniff the flower pic?
just being precious.

picking out my pumpkins!

my little indian!

All my pumpkins! Which one?

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Heather Phillips said...

so sweet! fall is so fun. she's a super cute little ladybug! i just have to say that using indian in that context is offensive to me. you need to say "my little native american."


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