Saturday, December 25, 2010


My Holiday MJ dress (love this line of clothes!)

Wow, God is good! I am so grateful this Christmas for Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit. I cannot begin to imagine my life without the many blessings He has given us. Today I obviously wanted to reflect on baby Jesus and what a gift He is. I feel like even though December 25th is very comercialized in our country and easily distorted and not focused on the real reason for the season, we were still able to do that because we are fully aware of all the blessings and beautiful gifts we have. One is certainly my family. We had such a wonderful morning. Santa did come and Eva thoroughly enjoyed it. She knew immediately the gifts were hers and did not hesitate to play with her "new" kitchen. I say "new" because believe it or not, this beautiful kitchen you see is an antique. It was my solid wood, white kitchen from when I was a little girl. My mom never throws anything away, and Grant was able to restore it and paint it to the beautiful pink shade of the Pottery Barn kitchen that I love. He worked tirelessly for every night the week before this night to restore this kitchen including the real sink faucet and glass knobs and pulls for the vintage look. He is amazing with his tools, and he has lots. If he doesn't have it, he buys it! Ha.

(he routed out the hole for oven and installed the plexiglass! among all the other things)

Eva is hysterical opening presents, she has to rip off every single piece of paper. She starts in very small pieces and then find a big one. But each present takes a long time. She loves it!
We also had other fun events this season. Including a family dinner night with Grant's dad's side of the family and one with my dad's side of the family. They were both so enjoyable, however, at the Coppock family Christmas there were five little girls! FIVE! All Eva's age to age 5. It was hysterical. Here are some funny recaps of the evening, including all of Eva's "cheese" faces.

please notice Eva's arm around her cousin Molly. Molly is hysterical here and I think it because Eva took a toy of her hours before and hurt her feelings. Obviously, Eva has forgotten!

This is NOT Eva's grandfather, but her uncle Ken. She LOVES him and he loves it. Too funny, she was always finding him and crawling in his lap.

The best pic I could get of all five girls in matching sweatshirts compliments of yours truly!

Christmas Eve after our children's church service. Eva did not want to take part or walk up to the nativity. Maybe next year.

Lastly, I was so happy today because we had a WHITE CHRISTMAS! It snowed/slushed all day in Pleasant Grove and all was white except the roads. I do not have pic right now, but it was amazing and my first ever! How cool!

Merry Christmas to blog!

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Beth said...

I LOVE the kitchen!!!!! Way to go making that happen. It's perfect!


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