Saturday, December 18, 2010

Caus Caus!

That is what Eva calls Santa Claus. She is all about Santa on the front door, in the songs, on Barney, in our books, but NOT in his lap! I really thought we'd have great time talking, singing, and sitting with Santa. However, this is what I got. You would never guess that 30 seconds later she was calling his name!?

I am now off work for two weeks! Whoo, hoo! I am loving this Christmas season and am looking forward to everything, church services, family dinners, traveling, sleeping (even if it is just 7 am!), and playing with my baby!

Short and sweet, maybe more later.


Beth said...

That picture is hilarious! So cute!

Lesli Ruple said...

She is darling, love the photos and I think the kneeling picture would make a great canvas!


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