Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York!

So, for a few nights over my spring break week I convinced Grant to go to NYC. He has never been and I just had the itch to go back. Even though I have been there several times in and since college there were still things I had never done. Well, we did it ALL! I mean in three days we ran the gammett. It was so fun, not relaxing, but very fun. We walked more than we ever had in our lives but saw so much and enjoyed so much. I will spare you ever single little detail and only describe the highlights, then I will include an itenerary of our events. First, we got to go to see the Today's show one morning and meet Merideth Viera. We also got to go to a filming of David Letterman, what a production. Very fun, but of course our guest was Birmingham's own Charles Barkely, go figure. We also got to go to Mary Poppins. I will admit, Grant was not really into the musical scene but after our fantastic ticket price and our private box seats, he loved it. Not just because of that, but the experience and the effects were not what he had anticipated. I am glad he agreed to go because it was so fun. We got to up in the Empire State building at night, never done that, and go up Top of the Rock, a new attraction on top of Rockefeller Center. We visited the upper East side shopping row and brown stones, and got to eat at Bobby Flay's favorite hamburger joint, J.G. Melon, very good and local. Last, but not least we also visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We didn't go up in the statue but we did go into Ellis Island Museum. Whew, we took a bus tour to get to all these places as well as Ground Zero and Canal street and Little Italy. It was the way to go!

This is me being interviewed for British TV about William and Kate, which I am a bit interested in by the way. (FYI- Grant does not ever want to be in pictures alone, so they are all of me!)

After every day of walking around in the 40-50 degrees we were exhausted. Our feet ached and we slept great, but were more than ready to get back to our little girl. Eva got to stay two nights with her Mimi and PawPaw and two nights with Mamama and Papa. She loved it!!

Whew, what a trip...

Of course, I can't post without a few updates of my Eva. This is her first, maybe second, full ice cream cone, but this time she was determined to hold it! "I hold" she says about everything!!

Also, these are the kind of pictures she takes now. There is no in between. She is either saying "Cheese" with all her might, or not interested. It is funny even if I don't get a normal smile.

I guess this one is more normal, right? See what I mean? Not even looking at the camera. Just "CHEESE!"Or oh yes, the silly face. Too cute!


Lindsey said...

Love the post! Keep up the good work! I hope it wasn't too hard to go back to school!

Beth said...

I am laughing that you got interviewed for TV. They couldn't have picked a better person! Good thing it wasn't about politics or education...they might not have been able to get you to stop talking! Ha!


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