Sunday, April 3, 2011


Yes, that is right, Glamping, not camping. A couple of weekends ago, I got to go to a little town north of Atlanta with three other girls for a getaway. I found out about this new camping experience from my friend Erinn who used to live in Birmingham, but a couple of years ago moved back home to Louisianna. She was here when her little girl Georgia was born, but since she has moved back, I have had Eva and she has had twin boys, Brown and Briggs. You can see them on my blog roll at Chateau Buteau. So, I picked up the girls at the airport and we all had on our shirts that Lindsey had made for us.
(we are in our "tent" here)
She even mailed mine to me so that I could wear it on our way to Ellijay, the apple capital of Georgia where the Martyn House is located for Glamping. This is what we saw when we pulled up, and immediately we are wondering where our tents are... Yes, you stay in tents when you go glamping. But, they are built on decks and come equipped with showers, sinks, bathrooms, beds and heaters! Mine and Erinn's tent Ridgeroost, black and white striped with red accents and red inside. This is very much a tent, but I tell you, thank goodness it was fully equipped with all of our modern eminities because our first night was the roughest night anyone has ever stayed in them. We had thunderstorms, hail and high winds and rains. I did not sleep much, but that is okay because we got to rest and nap all we wanted! So, Glamping is a bit more like a bed and breakfast. Each meal was served on a precious little covered porch with draped fabric and a farm table. The meals are gourmet style, but home cooked. We even had wine and appetizer hour before dinners! This is JoAnn the lady who created Glamping and The Martyn House. Our food was amazing and all very "green"? I believe that would be what you call it. The meat was all fed organically and slaughtered very humanely... if that is possible. Anways, it was delicious and fresh.
Erinn and I at breakfast; we different linens and tablescapes every meal!

On Sunday, we traveled to Blue Ridge, just a little bit north of Ellijay, and shopped for the little ones, ate lunch and enjoyed a day that wasn't rainy!

Here we are eating our apple pies from one of the apple orchards in Ellijay (the apple capital).

Our second night the rain held off and we got to enjoy a campfire. It felt great, but we were excited to get back to our tents for a little Scategories! Woo, hoo, wild women!

This is our last morning after breakfast. This is JoAnn and Rick, the couple who run the site. They are great hosts! Fun times, and I
am so glad I got to hang out with Erinn's fun friends and see her for the first time in almost two years! Miss you!

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Ashley said...

never heard of fun! what a great idea! and glad y'all had fun in NYC too!


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