Tuesday, April 5, 2011

23 Months!

My baby is 23 months old today. She will be 2 in one month! While I'd like to say I can't believe it, I can. She is truly a two year old and I will not mask the fact that she acts like it. I am going to purchase the book "The Storng willed Child," unless someone wants to let me borrow it, and relinquish my anxiety that no other child can be this way, right? I know this is just a phase of our lives and I know other mothers struggle with strong willed children, and other people cry because they just can't figure out what works everytime to get their child to not push food off the table, get the carseat, put on clothes, get in the bath, put on socks, whetever it is. But, for now, we are getting by. I am exhausted each day after picking Eva up from school and tyring every trick up my sleeve to get her out of the building and into her seat. This is truly the only time it is tough to get her into the carseat, but it is a battle every time. I try to play Barney in the car, I try to give her snacks, I try to spank her with the spanking spoon, I try to let her climb in by herself, I try to bribe her (horrible I know), but nothing ever works except physical restraint and force... Whew, I am exhausted just thinking about it. I suppose it is a good thing she loves her school and playing so much that she wants to stay, but at some point she must learn to leave when it is time to leave. My daughter is smart, beautiful, funny and strong-willed. This will be a good thing in several years, I feel sure. But, how long will this last? I have heard different estimates, a few months it starts to get better, at three, but not sure which it will be for us. For now, I have to pray and learn more patience in the midst of these struggles with a strong willed child. I must learn from my mistakes, because I do not like the mommy I am when I fight and get frustrated and cry because I can't make my child do what she needs to do. Despite all of this Eva is many other wonderful things at this milestone in our lives. 23 Months

1. counting (even in her sleep)

2. spelling( Eva- e, d, a because she can't say v) dada

3. hugging and kissing

4. mimmicking my behaviors and words (even more reason to watch how I discipline)

5. wearing all size 2 clothes and a size 7.5 shoe- with room to grow

6. obsessed with sidewalk chalk

7. preferring to dump out crayons to neatly put them up, rather than color

8. trying to memorize her books instead of just the last words

9. praying for friends, family and Barney, Babybop, Dora, Boots and Swipey every night

10. eating like a bird

11. loving cake

12. loving ice cream in a cone

13. crying when she has to leave Mammama, Papa, Mimi or Pawpaw.

14. making silly faces

15. sleeping as long as we let her

16. saying "Cheese" really big instead of smiling for pictures

17. asking "What's this?" about everything

18. pretending to read the Bible anytime she sees one - only adult ones

19. wearing mix matched socks because her aunt showed them to her

20. pitching fits on the floor when she is tired

21. walking on her own around the zoo (with the elephant harness we had to buy)

22. screaming "Nala" everywhere at the zoo becuase she thinks Nala is there

23. eating french fries any chance she gets

23 things for 23 months. Next month it will just be 2 for a 2-year-old! Maybe...

I love you Eva!

warning...This is a nasty face, eating creamy pasta and bread!


Erinn and Trey said...

You have truly joined the blog world! 3 posts in a week? My oh my!

Ashley said...

been thinking about you...keep meaning to call ya to catch up! We'll have to get our "terrible two" year olds together this summer so they can get into trouble together! Ryder now fits into the cute little smocked lobster outfit you gave him...it is so cute on him! I put him in it Sat night for my cousins wedding.
let's catch up soon!

Beth said...

She is JUST like her Aunt Beth...loves ice cream and french fries!! What a cutie!

Lindsey said...

Almost 2!!! I love her red hair!


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