Saturday, November 29, 2008

Roll Tide and Baby Updates...

So, I have to say ROOOOOLL TIDE! 12-0 is still hard to believe, but as I pinch myself it is true!!! As Saban and all the players seem to be in the habit of saying, "I am just happy for the players, and the university and the fans!" How much have we heard that line? I love ALABAMA Football!
So, next week will be another gut wrenching, nail biter, but I will still love it. I will also say for the record, I love being the underdog.  
Now to the baby news, and poll.  Grant and I will find out on Tuesday December 9 what we will have.  I of course just hope for a healthy happy baby!  I do not care what it is.  The large majority of my students, knowing nothing about me or my tendencies during this nauseating four months, think I will have a girl. I think that is just because I am such a girly girl. However, if you would like to make an informed decision, I will tell you what I have felt and eaten and any other information you may find useful.  First, I have not had any specific on going cravings.  I love biscuits in the mornings, cran-apple juice, oranges, peaches, salad with strawberries and pecans, as well as an occasional starburst.  I have had no chocolate or really sweet cravings except for the peaches, which tend to come in heavy syrup in the little plastic containers.  Oh, yes, I did like those decaf granitas from Barneys at the mall for a while.  I have not been able to stomach chicken or steak or Mexican for the past three months, but I could eat chicken in small amounts on a bar-b-que sandwich.  Now, I have been very sick, still feeling some of that each day, but nothing like what I was feeling from about week six to fifteen.  The one time we got an actual heart rate it was about 140 or 145. We have heard it a few more times, but just with a monitor.  I have lost a total of three pounds still, but my belly is just now starting to show a bit.  I do not know how much others were showing at this time, which is 17 weeks, but I'd gladly have the big belly for a less nauseated day!  Right now it is mostly from the belly button down, but all in the front.  I have had some indigestion, sorry for being so honest, but that could be from the bodily changes and may impact your decisions.  Ha, so now. Please cast your votes and I will update this blog on the 9th with the news! Thanks!

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Ashley said...

hmmmmm.... i'm going to go with a girl too because you would have them dressed so cute- and the nursery would be adorable(:


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