Tuesday, December 9, 2008

And the Baby is...

A GIRL! Eva Grace Coppock.  It is so totally crazy how real it is now!!! I mean I have only seen her once before now and she was the size of a lima bean!  Now she has legs and arms and eyes, and a brain. I could go on. We had about eight family members at the appointment with us and the women in the office thought it was hysterical.  
We were in shock for a while as just Grant and I went in the ultrasound room for the first bit to make sure everything was okay.  Everything looked perfectly healthy.  The technician was incredible, sweet, reassuring and making it seem like it was her first time to do it as well (she had been doing it 28 years!).  So, anyway, Grant kept letting out sighs as she said things that he understood and I didn't, but it was the most incredible experience together.  She was moving a ton, her arms and legs and turning.  I was laughing so hard.  
After she completed the technical items and we heard the healthy heartbeat, Grant went to get the family. All eight of them, plus us makes 10, crowded in and she showed the body and arms and and legs again.  As she got to her bottom, she said now here are the legs. They were indian style but didn't stay that way long because she moved so much. Then she moved her around some and now these are two white lines, which means... And everyone said, "GIRL!" It was so funny.  Debbie, Grant's mom, and my mom were crying and the rest just laughing. I had not a care in the world what the baby would be, and I feel like having two, one of each to start with, would be the only thing better.  I felt so blessed to have such a wonderful family to be there and share the excitement with us.  I have been praying for God's protection and blessing on her so much, it was wonderful to see her at this point, healthy as we can expect.  
As for her name, Grant has been in charge of the girl's name.  I had the boy name picked a long time ago. It will continue to be the name of a boy until we have one as it is Grant's first name and my dad's.  However, his grandmother who is the sweetest and most special woman to him is Eva. She has lived next to him for his whole life and I will go so far as to say Grant is her favorite out of all her grandchildren.  We love family names as they can carry the meaning and blessing of a strong and Godly person on and on.  
It is hard to believe that she is almost five months grown, only four more to go!  Have a wonderul week!


Ashley said...

Congrats Kris!!!!! That is soooo exciting!!!!! I'm sure you were so relieved to see a healthy strong baby...and SOOO fun to know it's a girl!!! So happy for y'all and can't wait for our little ones to meet next summer(: Love you!

Teresa said...

Yea! a girl! Beautiful name as well. Congrats!


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