Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving and New Food!

This year we had a great Thanksgiving. It was a beautiful day and very laid back. My parents ended up being here instead of us going down to the lake. My grandmother is sick, well both actually so, we just needed to be close. My mom cooked as always. I asked several times in advance what I could make, but she said she had it covered. Anytime we go to my parents't or Grant's family Eva loves it. She just loves a crowd and everything that goes on. She has done really well lately with her naps and took a good one while we ate our Thanksgiving lunch!

We are so greatful for our joyful little girl. She really is so happy and smiley, if that is a word, all the time. Even the doctor's comment on it. And, this month we have seen three!

Eva started off with a cackling cough, then some green snot. By the end of that week it turned into a mild ear infection in the right ear. (this was at our 6 month check up where we gained a whoping 2lbs in 2 months) We took an anitbiotic for 10 days and it seemed to clear up, then the week she was off from the nursery, she started coughing again, so I can't blame it on other sick kids... Now she has mild infection in the left ear and we are back on antibiotics. Poor baby just can't stay well. All this on top of the fact that our sleep has gone in reverse for the past month due to progressive teething that seemed to start two and half months ago. Mom and Dad are at their witts end with the night time thing. She was perfect from about 8 weeks until about 5 months, then we hit a wall. Any suggestions? I know for you babywise mom's out there, we are supposed to let them cry and that the 45 minute intruder is normal, but what about when she is sick? It breaks my heart...

The newest thing in Eva's life now is food. Well, cereal and oatmeal. Eva didn't really care for cereal at all, but absolutely loves oatmeal. I think she would eat it until I quit putting it in her mouth. It is so funny how she dives for the spoon. She knew exactly what to do with it by the way; I am guessing from watching all the other babies in her class eat real food for the past month before she got to!

Here are few pics from some recent photo sessions we had. I was quite pleased!


Erinn and Trey said...

She is such a happy girl! I loved the pictures!

Lauren said...

My baby is sick right now too. He has been up all night for the last several nights. First off, I am not a babywise mom so I can't give you any tips from that angle. But all three of my children have gone through a period of backtracking at night around this age, so I think it is just normal. And when they are sick, they just need to be snuggled! I would wait until she is feeling better to try crying it out.
She is beautiful. I can't believe how fast these babies are growing up!

Ashley said...

she is getting so big!! bummer she's been sick....we haven't crossed that road yet so I am no help there! Nor on the sleep thing! Although, now that Ryder has perfected rolling over, he rolls over almost as soon as I put him down and I just let him sleep on his tummy all night! Otherwise, he wakes up and cries! Anyways, hope y'all get some sleep soon! Maybe we can hang out when your off for the holidays


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