Friday, November 6, 2009

6 Months!

in the hamper!

grinning on Halloween Eve!
November fifth was Eva's six month birthday. Yes, she has been here for six months. It feels like yesterday we were spending our days at the lake and beach all summer and she was just itty bitty Eva. While she is still little, all 13lbs 13ozs of her, she is just too big. She is always busy, entertaining herself. She talks and wants to be using her hands with everything. She can sit up like a big girl for a little bit before she falls over and can roll all over spinning in circles. I also feel in her mouth every morning thinking there will be a tooth. I had a dream a week or so ago that I woke up one morning and she had a mouth full. Just all of the sudden. I am still nursing her twice a day because I really wanted to make it to the six month mark, which I must say with working is something I am very proud of. My schedule at school this year made it next to impossible but I used my thirty minute lunch and right at 3 to pump every day for the first two months. Then, I dropped down to once a day and finally just nursing morning and night. I do not know how long that will last, but I am happy with her first six months. On that note...

So far we have been so healthy, even going to daycare until the past two days. I had to take her to the doctor yesterday on her six month birthday for a cold. It is so pitiful. She is hoarse and coughing her gunk up in her throat. She had a fever for half a day, but hasn't since. The doctor said other than our humidifier and tylenol for her fever not to do anything. Hopefully she will get over it in a few days without an ear infection. I am praying so becuase my always happy, grinning ear to ear baby is whining because she doesn't feel good. The funny thing is, even between tears she is trying to smile and laugh. Poor baby.

Eva's first six months have been the best of my life. I miss her every day while I am at school and can't wait to get home for my three hours with her until bed.

Cutest Pumpkin in the patch


Cammie said...

Kris - I can't believe she is already 6 months old! She is sooo cute!!! I think nursing for 6 months when you are working is awesome - plus, if she hasn't already, she'll be starting solids soon, which will cut down on how much she nurses anyways. I can't imagine trying to do the whole nursing thing and working full time too - good for you for being so motivated!

She is precious - I hope she feels better soon - sorry to hear she has a little cold! No fun!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday pretty girl!

Erinn and Trey said...

I love how she smiles! She looks like such a happy girl. I can't believe I've never met her- but I PROMISE I am really going to try to come this summer for a visit!


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