Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

Today was a blessing from above! We have been going crazy in side everyday after school and on weekends from snow, cold weather and rain, but today was absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful for days like this that help to get us to Spring without going nuts! Not only did Lucy get to go on two walks and get some much needed exercise, Eva got her first "play" day outside since she is big enough to enjoy it. We went on a long walk around the neighborhood, and everyone was outside working or enjoying the sun. A little later, after Grant finished some very necessary attic cleaning, we all went down to the park a couple of blocks away. Eva got a new ride for Valentines Day. She is a hoot riding in it. Looking totally chilled out, she soaked up some warmth. At the park, Eva got to swing for the first time. I am not totally convinced she liked it, but she didn't complain. In her hand is "The Big Bad Wolf" from our Three Little Pigs play set. For some reason she loves the wolf. At home we got to sit outside for a little while before eating dinner. Eva is almost ten months old and I love this age. Of course we have to be with her at all times because she is crawling everywhere and trying to walk when she stands up. She has a very funny personality. I find her trying to copy things we do and chuckle at herself a lot. Baby girl, you are such a joy! I love you!

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Erinn and Trey said...

We had a couple of days like that here too. I am so thankful for them!


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