Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ten Months

Eva was ten months yesterday. In two more she will be one year old. OMG! I have been totally taken by surprise at just how fast her personality is growing. She talks and sings all the time. Yesterday when Grant got her up, she didn't quit until I got her in the car for school. Not even to eat. She loves to hold her little pig and Big Bad wolf and talk to them. I think she tries to copy me when I do the Three Little Pigs story for her, by making them talk back and forth. Another thing she loves is books! She will sit and flip the cardboard pages and jabber. Sometimes she will just flip it over and over and make noises. Her favorite is Fairy Colors. It is probably a total of thiry words so I think she will memorize it when she is really talking. Which, oh! At the doctor last week I swear she said "Okay" after the nurse said "Okay." We all were like, what? She still says "Dadda" a lot but I am not sure if it is truly daddy so I have not written it down yet. Our stats as of now are 29 inches long 90% and 18.3 lbs 45% so we are moving up! I can't keep up with making pants though because I already have two pair that are too short. But, I can't make them too long because she is almost walking. Both sets of grandparents swear she has take a step or two with them, but I have yet to see it! I am so not ready for that one. I love my little girl, who already doesn't seem so little anymore. I was carrying her to her bed last night and her long legs were hanging over my arms and her little face looked so much like a toddler. I just cried. I love that she is growing and healthy, but I miss her being itty bitty.

On another note, my girlfriends from college and I all got together last weekend for our yearly reunion. I am so happy to do this every year. This time the girls came to B'ham and we all went to Ross Bridge on Sat. Three ladies got prenatal massages because they are pregnant! We did not know about Ashley until we got there Friday night! It is such a blessing. Chandler is having Addison in a few months and Stacey is having twins this summer! Crazy! We had a shower for them and hung out on Friday. The spa was fabulous and dinner was great, but nothing is better than sitting around and laughing about random things that we all thought we had forgotten about. I really love these girls.

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