Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving and I have an 18 month old!

This year I have been so thankful for many things. First, my family, Grant, Eva and yes Lucy, even though my life would be so much easier (and cleaner) without her! My parents and my brother and my two grandmothers all made it to our Thanksgiving lunch. My mother still cooks EVERYTHING! I know I have to start helping, but what do I say when the dressing or sweet potatoes or everything else, just isn't any good and I ruin Thanksgiving??? So, I just brought bread, lemondae and a granddaughter. Eva loved turkey and sweet potatoes. She had to eat a little early before all of us becuase it was going to be her nap time. We had a relaxing time with my family and then left to go visit Grant's family in Pleasant Grove. Eva played with her cousins, Lily, Waylon and Addison. She LOVES her baby cousin Waylon and hugged and kissed him for a long time. This year was one of the best Thanksgivings we have celebrated, and we are very grateful.
dinner with Ellie. How cute are they?

18 month pics. Oh how serious!
Pictures by Catherine Mayo (aren't they great!)

I am also grateful for work (mine and Grant's), health (which I take for granted), my home (even though we would like to move, we are fortunate to have it), fall weather, relatives who keep my child all the time, friends (some whom I talk to all the time, some rarely but still love them), Barney (I swore I'd never let my child watch it!), Mickey Mouse, Dora yogurt (Eva devours it), bath time, giggles, and surprise hugs and kisses (which come very often now). Lastly, I am thankful for the gift of Christmas, and I hope that I am able to teach my daughter what gifts are most important and why we celebrate with a tree and a holiday this time of year. I want her heart to know the love of Jesus and to have the compassion for others that He does. I am realizing how hard that is when all around us it is all about the toys, Santa, the tree and the stuff. It will only get harder.

Eva's recent milestones: (getting harder to pin point now but)

1. Speaking many phrases

2. recognizing and remembering things she only sees/ hears once (rainbow, santa, marshmellow)

3. initiating hugs

4. says "please" and "thank you" always

5. says uh huh when I ask if she understands (no she doesn't all the time, but it is cute)

6. eats with a fork and spoon

7. still can't decide on left or right hand

8. knows after she goes to the bathroom but is still not concerned and always waits for the fresh diaper before going number 2! (maybe potty training soon)

9. loves to color and only uses one crayon at a time

10.knows all motions to Wheels on the Bus, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Mr Knicker Bocker, and more...

11. loves to look at pictures of herself, calls herself "Evie"

12. is obsessed with shoes, still

13. cries uncontrollably when she has to leave Papa or other grandparents

14. adores her dog

15. started liking Mickey Mouse (Disney World here we come)

16. squeals with delight at playing hide-n-seek and ring aroudn the rosie

17. loves all vegetables but broccoli

18. very independent and knows what she wants (aka: pitching fits):)

So, for these eighteen things I am very grateful, because it means I have a growing, healthy, happy daughter. Eva, I love you!

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Erinn and Trey said...

What a little cutie! Hope to see yall soon:)


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